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  1. 2023 build and price is up - Sticker shock!!

    So we ran into the same problem and ended up getting a used 2018 Rubicon with 44k miles. It had every single feature we wanted with the original sticker in 2018 showing 53k. I did the same build for a 2023 and it comes to 61k
  2. Turns out Jeeps are not Toyotas

    Always been a Yota guy too but the 3rd gen is complete crap. Sounds like the new Tundra sucks too. One of the most reliable engines out there right now is the V6 in the Jeep. But the days of "reliable" engines is over with everything going hybrid or electric.
  3. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    okay and cussing fixes the problem?? I’ve never had a problem with ShawdowPapa but I disagree with a lot of stuff he says. I’m not the only one but that’s okay. We can all disagree and get a long right?? And if he’s a senior board member I guess they never do anything wrong….I guess that’s how...
  4. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    I’ve owned a Gladiator and a Ridgeline and was simply giving my thoughts on them both. I said I originally wanted a Maverick since it’s built similar to the Ridgeline. But availability and price made it difficult to buy one as they are flying off the shelves. Which someone asked if there selling...
  5. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    Typical comment from you and ignorance. Thanks for telling me what I was implying and reading my mind! You could make a lot of money with that pal!
  6. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    who said anything about sales meaning a truck or not ha ha? I simply said the Maverick is selling like hotcakes. And I was interested in one.
  7. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    Ha ha, can’t agree more! Ya, a UTE could be a better term. I agree the Maverick is attractive in the 20k range just a shame they are so hard to find. The Ranger is fairly nice just wish the updated model would be here soon. And they aren’t discounting those either post Covid when you used to be...
  8. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    My logic? Lets look at yours. So your a saying a Ford van can be considered a truck if it has towing, ground clearance, and 4WD which the old school Ford vans do. That makes no sense it's a van not a truck. And lets talk about a base Tacoma, Canyon, or Colorado which doesn't have good clearance...
  9. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    So a 2wd pickup is not a truck either way you slice it then. The only problem I have with the Ridgeline is price. Otherwise it’s bigger, longer, and wider then the Santa Cruz and Maverick. So more space to haul stuff and put passengers. Plus way more space to store things. Though the Santa Cruz...
  10. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    Not that I would ever take a Ridgeline off-road but they do make aftermarket parts. A new one that just came out is a aftermarket "front locker" applied via brakes. I would spend my money elsewhere for a JK etc but people love to do weird things. The video is actually fairly impressive for not...
  11. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    Again my question is if traditional trucks are part time 4WD what are 2WD trucks? Cars?
  12. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    yup completely agree with you. And yes the Mavericks are selling like crazy. May not be selling as much as Gladiator as in volume because they can’t make them fast enough. They aren’t even taking pre orders because they are sold out for the year. And when you do find one they are selling 5-20k...
  13. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    It's based off a SUV front forward. No getting away from that.
  14. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    I think it's a truck but the other poster said the Ridgeline is based off a SUV so isn't a real truck. The Gladiator is also based off a Wrangler which is a SUV. So in that sense it can't be considered a real truck either. A truck is a truck if it has a bed, can haul, and tow. I think that's a...
  15. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    In fairness the gladiator isn’t a truck either. It’s also based off a SUV so your argument is dumb. I love this whole argument as to what’s a truck and not. How do you explain the amazing sales of the Maverick or Santa Cruz. Those are flying off the shelves faster then the Gladiator. If 4wd...
  16. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    Should be compared to Maverick and now Santa Cruz. Though Ridgeline is much bigger in size.
  17. Congrats! You're the WORST!

    The Ridgeline is actually more American than the Gladiator as it's completely built in Alabama. But as I have experience with both vehicles I'll offer my thoughts. I bought a Gladiator two plus years ago as it's been my dream truck since it came out along with the Raptor. But the Gladiator made...
  18. Rugged Ridge Arcus - Amazon 20% off Coupon

    Man they have raised the price on that. I think I paid 375 two years ago.