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  1. Any 2023 rumors/ leaks yet ?

    When can we expect to learn what ?
  2. PSA Garage fit 35s vs 38s w air down

    It fits. I only had half an inch to spare with 35s and could not fit with 38s. But, with the storm coming and wanting to spend time with the jeep I aired down to 10 PSI and voila it fits!!! about half an inch to spare. Pretty happy with this for these type of situations and thought I share. It...
  3. Am I stupid? Rugged Ridge Trail Rail Hi-Lift mount fail?

    The brackets don't touch the back of the bed? That looks wrong...
  4. shifter insert swap on auto

    hey folks, ordered replacement inserts for transfer case and shifter knobs (just the inserts) and came with no instructions from Jeep Graphics Studio. Good stuff on a 100+ dollar item. Anyways I can only find videos and info on removing and replacing the entire knob. Is that necessary to swap...
  5. MPG at 3K RPMs in 6th vs 8th gear

    quick question: would MPGs be any different with 5.38 gears at 80MPH and 3K RPMs in 8th vs 4.10 gears at 80 MPH and 3K RPMs in 6th gear?
  6. How do you like your full belly skids ?

    Just took mine home with the full motobuilt belly skid. Not sure what to think of it as it hangs kinda low. Obviously I can smash it but I worry now about becoming a turtle lol. What’s your experience rock crawling with the full belly setup ?
  7. Massachusetts Sold: Nitto TRAIL GRAPPLER 37s like new 4 tires $1000

    Lowered price to 1K - won’t get any cheaper than that !! Selling 4!! 37X12.50R17 NITTO TRAIL GRAPPLERs My 37s were super delayed this year and the 38s were early so selling the 37s. I had them on for 6 weeks and they are like new. Selling all four for 1000. Pickup in Medford MA
  8. show me your holiday decorations (on your JT lol)

    I go first!!! Light up as well and finally found some use for the bed outlet
  9. trail grapplers 38inch tire fit as spare ? Anyone know ?

    Anyone tried to squeeze a 38 grappler into the spare tire well? I know the 37s fit well. If not it may be an option to just keep the 37 as a spare for the 38s I guess.
  10. D60s e lockers switch ?

    I searched everywhere and getting the same answer: the eaton lockers for the D60s cannot be operated by the factory locker switches but the AUX panel only. is that really the case ? no tazer magic ? it would be so annoying to not have those factory switches….esp since my AUX bank is full. anyone...
  11. Bed Chop??!!!

    Anyone playing with the idea to shorten the bed to reduce the overhang when wheeling ? The guys at Dixies did it and I am kinda intrigued.
  12. cost of 40s: 2.5K OR 30K lol

    so I ordered 40s (nittos trail grapplers 40x13.5 for 17inch rims) I have 2 options when they arrive next year (I have the lift and clearance to run them without rubbing (RK 3-inch no limits and chopped fenders with right offset wheels) A: slap the tires on my then current setup of upgraded...
  13. RK 3-inch lift with Mopar FOX shocks ?

    weird question: my RK 3inch lift is ready for install but still no sight of the falcon shocks so I was curious if the FOX shocks from the MOPAR 2-inch lift could serve as a hold over. Maybe need larger bump stops? cannot find any info on the shocks in the MOPAR lift in terms of how far they can...
  14. protect side of bed?

    How do you guys protect the sides of the bed ? I find the passenger side bed between the rear tire well and tail light to be very much at risk of hitting trees. it would be nice to have bed sliders or something that mount to rack mounts on the side so you can just slide past those trees without...
  15. show me your 40s

    been browsing Nittos and saw that for the trail grapplers you can get 40s in width ranging from 13.5 - 15.5 depending on rims. Consider me intruiged here. Anyone running the 15.5 wide ones? how far they have to stick out? What is best width for rock crawling here? We do not want to broaden the...
  16. engine oil on outside of oil filter after wheeling

    Posting here as well for more feedback (as I have the HEMI) so I noticed yesterday after a pretty awesome but also intense wheeling session at Field and Forest in NH with may 25 degree and some off camber situations and somewhat violent rocking sideways that there was oil all around the filter...
  17. engine oil on oil filter and below after wheeling

    so I noticed yesterday after a pretty awesome but also intense wheeling session at Field and Forest in NH with may 25 degree and some off camber situations and somewhat violent rocking sideways that there was oil all around the filter and parts below. cleaned it all up and oil level was defo low...
  18. Any big brake kits for 17inch rims

    What you running here ? I am looking at the wilwoods which were awesome on my mustang build. but somehow can’t figure out if they fit 17inch rims
  19. rear sway bar yay or nay ?

    overflexed my JT rubicon on the Mopar 2 inch lift the other day and popped the rear sway bar link off the driver side. just popped off those rubber grommets (what a weird design). so took the link off and it drives the same as with the link. I guess when towing it would matter but otherwise I...
  20. any ideas how to protect this ?

    sometimes when I f up I end up dragging my muffler and exhaust pipe and it’s pretty scratched up by now and the muffler looks like someone punched it. Anyone found something to protect that side ?