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  1. Can you tint a soft top rear window?

    You can buy one from mopar. The Sport S, soft top comes with a tinted one. Glad you got the soft top to, you will never want a hard top again. Mopar did an excellent job on ease of use and fit.
  2. Gladiator fuel overflowing.

    Mine did this until I switched to 91 octane premium. Ha ha! Sounds bad, and not sure why, but its true.
  3. Can you tow a Gladiator cross country safely with a Ram 3500?

    A stock or slightly modified Mojave might keep up with the Lexus at highway speeds, but will not keep up with me on trails like the Rubicon. I don't desire a "plush JT" I have plush cars for car stuff. Headed to Moab soon, come do Metal Masher and cliff hanger with me, much more fun than any...
  4. Rough ride

    Air down your tires to 17 lbs and use it off road. Even a sports car with great handling will be smother on pavement. Car = Daily Driver, JT = off road, and you'll be amazed at how smooth the long wheel base is on dirt. A Subaru is a marginal compromise if you prefer to have just one vehicle...
  5. Traction control on or off in snowy conditions?

    Can’t do a proper Drift with it on. I hate that useless feature, randomly cutting power is never good.
  6. 2022 JTRD stolen from driveway (don't let it happen to you)

    dangit, that completely sucks. I'm paranoid of getting ducked so pretty much leave mine in the garage. I'm not to worried about it once I get it on the trails, but staying in a hotel does make me a little nervous when in Ouray, Telluride or MOAB. I think a kill switch is a definite must tho...
  7. ABS, SERV 4WD, ECS, And traction control lights all at once

    I had this as well after going thru some water in MOAB, intermittent and with no codes. What fixed yours? Mine comes on randomly now, and resets when I turn the JT off, then re-appears again, randomly.
  8. The JT is by far my favorite Hobby & 3rd vehicle ever!

    So, having ordered this from new, and a very striped down JTMT version to boot, this truck has exceeded my expectations as I start my 4th year with it. Originally getting it to use as my "RV-trailer puller" for my 3500 lb Baja trailer, it soon morphed into a long wheel base Jeep thing that...
  9. Jeep Gladiator - happy owners? seeing scary stuff in the repair forums

    3rd year owner, 33,000 numerous trails, 13 BOH's. If you use your JT for an off road rig, it will last years. If you use it as a DD, that wear and tear is worse than trails and it will start to fail. If you ordered it or bought it will a bunch of un-necessary electronic bells and whistles that...
  10. Since the JT is NOT considered a true 1/2 Ton

    I just couldn't resist. And don't get me wrong, I love my truck, and the JT concept, but no where does Stellantis, FCA or Jeep state that the JT is a true half ton or even a 1/2 ton truck. Capacity minus 5 passengers (lets just say at 160 lbs) doesn't leave a lot of cargo weight available for...
  11. Oil life % Stuck

    and there is so much truth to this. See ya on the trails!
  12. Oil life % Stuck

    Before the Rubicon trail, on Fathers day weekend I had 49% oil life left. Got home to Idaho, drove up to the Canadian Border and back to Southern Idaho (another thousand mile trip). Looked at the oil life percentage and it was still at 49%. So I changed the oil this weekend and reset it to show...
  13. Discount Tire Experience

    today I used them for a road hazard warranty. 3 of our cars have tires from them and 2 of those have 2 sets, with wheels from them. The warranty was for my travel trailer, a boondocking jayco Baha that broke a leaf spring off road, and they didn't even bat an eyelash when I asked them about it...
  14. How successful would my Gladiator Sport be on the Rubicon Trail?

    I went slow through a couple places for sure, but it depends on how you built your JT. Mine is built to do these trails, yes the Rubicon is a beast of a trail for the JT. But it can do it with no body damage. I would not take one with Painted Fenders. In hindsight, I would have 40's and a 6"...
  15. How successful would my Gladiator Sport be on the Rubicon Trail?

    When they 1st came out, they didn't. I think I tried to special order it as an add on, but it wouldn't let me. No big deal. I ordered it around 4-26-2019, or when ever the first day it let me custom order it, but it was around then.
  16. How successful would my Gladiator Sport be on the Rubicon Trail?

    Yes we were at Buck Island on Friday night. Here is the photo of our camp (Blue tent lower right), unfortunately, my JT is behind the huge boulder on the left of our camp. You can barely see the top of my RTT. I think we rolled out about 10ish on Sat morning. Huge traffic jam on Big sluice for...
  17. How successful would my Gladiator Sport be on the Rubicon Trail?

    I just did it last weekend. Sport Max tow, no lockers no rear LSD and never spun a tire for more than a few seconds. 5.13 gearing on 37's with a 5" lift. Challenging trail, but I never needed pushed, pulled or winched. I did skip little sluice. I ran it in the traditional direction from the...
  18. So max towing or not.

    yup, go for it.
  19. GMRS Mount and antenna suggestion

    I tried to fit the MXT115 and it was to big. I have a handheld I can take that has the GMRS repeaters in it, if I need. I find the MXT100 and 105 completely sufficient for a group going down the trail together and for around the base camp, up to 5 miles.