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  1. Save up to $12,500 on new 2023 Gladiators!

    If your wanting a great deal contact travis
  2. North Carolina Rubicon LED fog lights, tow hooks, etc.

    Okay thank you I appreciate you
  3. North Carolina Rubicon LED fog lights, tow hooks, etc.

    Did you get rid of the bumper?
  4. Help Identifying Bumpstops

    Someone has installed spring block and they come with the metal bump stops or at least mine did
  5. Tennessee 2021 Rubicon suspension

    Price drop...150. and come here and get it
  6. UPDATE: U-Connect 8.4 is Being a Dumb**s

    Mine started doing it the morning I got home from picking it up and Eden North Carolina and June. Does your remote functions from your phone work to unlock lock and start your Jeep. Reason I ask mine has never worked
  7. UPDATE: U-Connect 8.4 is Being a Dumb**s

    Could this be something to do with being in Tennessee? The reason I ask is I also live in Tennessee have a 22 with the 8.4 and every time I start the Jeep it calls my phone exactly same as yours. I've been to the dealer twice about an hour each time and of course both times they said it's fixed.
  8. Tennessee 2021 Rubicon suspension

    I do still have it
  9. Door Air Leak

    Put Vaseline on your door seals and see if that helps
  10. Sold Order & In-Stock Specials!

    That is no sales pitch at all. What Travis states you from the first time you contact him is exactly what you will pay. I know first hand because I just bought a 22 diesel over land from him in June it was a no-nonsense sale. Don't expect to get a free Jeep hat when you buy because they don't...
  11. Single digit temps and check engine lights

    Well mine will not start today. Windchill was -25 last night. When they high temperature of 9 today. I did add EDT winter but still gelled. Tomorrow I will set a small space heater under the Jeep. If it will not start tomorrow I will have it towed to the dealer
  12. Anyone try XPOWER winch?

    Just wanted to know if anyone here has tried the XPOWER winch?
  13. Tazer Mini Price Too Good to be True?

    At 328.its about in line
  14. Here are the thing I hate about this Gladiator!!!!

    ................ok that's what I hate about it!!!
  15. New Tennessee License Plate Coming Soon

    Dang right I'm a Tennessee and and I'm in on that plate
  16. Tailgate replacement.... most likely

    There is quite a few tailgates on eBay you may get lucky and color match
  17. Damn Diesel

    Guys I feel your pain last weekend I drove mine 240 MI each way with absolutely zero problems but with that said I still can't say I hate it even with this fuel mileage I'm getting 24.4 per gallon on 35 inch tires I still enjoy driving it
  18. Tennessee 2021 Rubicon suspension

    This stuff needs to find a new home make me an offer
  19. I get the call

    Sorry about that when I said deleted I meant unpaired and paired