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  1. P0480 & U0168 Codes - Overheating

    So I took my Jeep to Windrock about a month ago and it overheated twice on me in 4HI so I used the tazer to keep the fan going on high and it did fine the rest of the time. Hasn't done it again until yesterday on my way home from work just as I pulled up to my house in 2HI. No warning just bam...
  2. Rear facing car seat?

    Like others have said, put it in the middle. I had the same problem in multiple vehicles
  3. Catalytic Rattle?

    I don't have a rattle necessarily but from a stop with light acceleration right at around 4ish mph there's a vibration for a moment that sounds like it's the exhaust. Just noticed a couple days ago. Not sure if it's normal or not
  4. Why does JT have poor throttle response?

    Even now my job is only 10 miles. 4XE JT? I wish lol
  5. Why does JT have poor throttle response?

    Getting transferred to another city about 35 mins away next week. Hopefully the highway driving improves it a bit or might end up having to move closer or take the wife's car to work and let her drive my JT. Her job is 5 mins away.
  6. Why does JT have poor throttle response?

    How are some of you getting this kind of mileage? I get about 13 on 35s and 2" lift and even regeared it to get back 7th and 8th. I do drive only city usually though..
  7. Relocation Brackets vs Long Control Arms

    Are you using the Mopar lift front LCAs with it in the middle hole on the front bracket? I just installed the rancho brackets and haven't checked my caster yet. Definitely feels better but got a lot bouncier on the road. Edit: nevermind. I didn't read very well 😂
  8. Mopar Performance Windshield Wipers w/ Built-In Washer Jets Released For Jeep Gladiator

    So can you replace the blade or do you have to buy a whole new set?
  9. Black Horse Roll Bar Installed

    I'd like to know as well. I don't have a rail system.
  10. Black Horse Roll Bar Installed

    Does it work with the trifold Mopar cover? I didn't wanna ditch my cover but would love one of these
  11. Control arm drop brackets

    For me it was JKS or Rancho. I went with Rancho. I haven't installed them yet but they are way beefier than I thought they'd be. Also like others said they have different holes for lift sizes and completely welded into one piece
  12. No bed power? No problem! $9.99 do it yourself.

    Can I do this and plug an inverter into it to run more than 400w? I was thinking of installing a power outlet but need more than the 400w that jeep offers
  13. Life after re-gearing to 5.13 question…

    I did 5.13 a month or so ago and the transmission slows me down more than my brakes do sometimes. Depends how hard I press or if I feather the brake. I have 35s though as I haven't upgraded to 37s just yet.
  14. (delete if possible) ignore this

    Those feet though.... 😬
  15. FIRECRACKER RED Gladiator JT Club

    I'll be out there come the first week of April. So excited
  16. FIRECRACKER RED Gladiator JT Club

    Not the color I wanted but it's growing on me. Looks great with some mud on it. Probably gonna get unpainted Rubi fenders when I get 37s
  17. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    Mine came with the Mopar lift and 35s so not a big deal I suppose. Just didn't know if they had any uses other than towing. Particularly off road or handling on road wise. Will be going to 37s next time though. Debating keeping the lift and changing to Rubi fenders or keeping the fenders and...
  18. Am I crazy for thinking I want a Gladiator?

    I didn't know about max tow when I got mine so I made sure it had the limited slip, HD cooling, and bigger alternator. Mine has everything except the 4.10 ratio (5.13 now) and wide axles. Other than towing, do the axles help with anything else?