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  1. Spray in bed liner in Houston, TX

    Any fellow Jeepers recommend a good place to get a spray on bed liner done in Houston, Texas, other than the dealer? I'm sure they send it out anyway, like they do window tint. Thanks
  2. Dealer said he could install factory heated seats? True?

    I found a sarge green Mojave that I really like, but no heated seats. These are a must for me, helps my lower back issues. Anyway, the salesman said they could have that option installed. That seems like allot to do, also a costly dealer add on option to have. Anyone heard of this? Thanks
  3. Adding additional driving lights to standard halogen lights

    For those of you with Gladiators with halogen lights (maybe regretting not getting LEDs), have you added additional driving lights to the bumper or outside A pillars to supplement them? Something you would use on a regular basis driving at night that would not cause you to get high-beamed by an...