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  1. New or Used?

    Agreed. You just have to walk away and let him stew. Give it one or three days. He'll call.
  2. Ford is struggling

    Another concern of mine would be what if you take delivery then have an issue with it? Can they get the parts to fix it or will they string you along like they're hamstringing the people who have one on order? But I'm hearing similar things all around. In addition to my JT, I have a 2022...
  3. Turning off the radio without shutting the screen off completely ??? ( 2021 8.4")

    it seems like all vehicles are doing that. At least something similar. I guess its the whole thing of the head unit being the entire brains of the car and it needs to be on. I don't see why it needs to be making noise though.
  4. Upcoming Competition: 2024 Tacoma design revealed all around! 📸

    Wow. That's identical to my 22 Tundra right down to the headlights.
  5. Beyond pissed

    Can you imagine how awesome things would be if these people used the smarts and ingenuity they have to make things better rather than scam people for a quick buck?
  6. Beyond pissed

    The scammers even go after you if you're the seller. I had a wood stove insert that I replaced with a new pellet insert, and posted it on FB Marketplace. Within 20 minutes I started getting FB messages asking if its still available and they would like to buy it and for me to text them at a...
  7. The Joy of Buying Used

    I have learned that even if someone buys this and you miss it, there's a hundred more where that came from. As long as you're not in an urgent need, you can get a god deal. This may sound stupid (and it probably is) but when I go to buy a new vehicle, I'm prepared to say "no" at least 2 times...
  8. The Joy of Buying Used

    Expect a call in a few days as long as you stay away. They need to hear crickets form you now. From that price history, they're looking to see how far you're willing to go. If you really want to play, when they come back (and I'm pretty sure they will) them you want 40K. They'll of course say...
  9. HIGH VELOCITY Gladiator JT Club

    are these vehicles sitting in dealer inventory or are they something people are only special ordering? I have yet to see one in the wild.
  10. Engine was left idling…for 3 hours😬

    Some vehicles now will idle for an hour and shut off after an hour (unless you tell it). I believe the trigger is opening the driver door.
  11. Key Fob in console...only me

    I did the exact same thing a few years ago when I owned my JL. The seat takes a different size socket (than what I had) and if you have someone around with small hands you may be able to get it once you take the seat out. Then stuff socks/rags in that area. To this day I can't believe they...
  12. 2023 build and price is up - Sticker shock!!

    I could almost stomach a stupid amount for a new JT (almost) if when I had an issue I went to the dealer and they said "hey, no problem - it may take a few days, take this piece of crap and drive it for a couple of days while we fix it" and actually fix it without any whining or the run-around...
  13. 2023 build and price is up - Sticker shock!!

    Holy crap I paid that for my '22 Tundra.
  14. Tacoma vs. Gladiator

    My JT is a great daily driver and light hauler. Its also fun. I have a 22 Tundra which Toyota threw everything in and finally brought it up to date (they were grossly behind the times with technology up to now). If I need to go get a lot of heavy stuff or need passenger room, I take the...
  15. Unofficial East Coast Jeep wave survey

    Every once in a while I'll mess with the Jeep guys. When I'm driving my Tundra I'll flash a Jeep guy a Jeep wave. I usually get a look like wait..... what??? :LOL:
  16. STOLEN from my driveway this morning! New Jeeps are crazy easy to steal apparently...

    and if someone doesn't steal them, they're talking the catalytic converters :mad:
  17. Is the jeep Gladiator the best off road truck?

    :LOL: That might be true - I'm not sure I'm not "a couple sandwiches short of a picnic"!! But seriously I see the value in both. Jeep knows how to off-road. They've been doing it for a long, long time and have it down to a science. I just wish Jeep had a better hold on their dealers so there...
  18. Is the jeep Gladiator the best off road truck?

    I'm on a Tundra forum because I have both. Nah - they don't talk about Jeeps or much about off-roading. There are some guys who have purchased equipment to bolt onto their beds for off-roading but in general its more hauling and towing. If anything, the compare it to the F150. Currently, the...
  19. Does anyone know of a Toyota dealer similar to Gupton/Chapman that gives discounts and lets you order??

    That's a tough one. I know the Tundra's are sold before they even get delivered so its even a bigger challenge to get the options you want. Toyota isn't like Jeep where you have a blank order form and order what you like. Toyota builds what they think will sell in your area based on past data...
  20. Issues with Quadratec

    I would think you'll get their attention then.