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    Harris Faulkner's Daughter? Fox must be proud!

    Thank You! Between me, my wife, and the kids, I think we are on our 5 set of tires in the past 12 months. You guys are awesome and I love how you actually care enough to respond to our forum. Corporate: Please give a shout out to the Maple Grove, MN store. They are the best.
  3. Update on switching from M/T to an A/T results (Toyo Open Country III A/T -- 265/70/17)

    Thanks! Both pics are on 37x12.5x17's. The Mickey Thompson Baja Boss (first photo) are just a little wider, a little taller, and the sidewalls are much more aggressive. I'm running the @Clayton Off Road Overland 2.5" Lift. It's actually closer to a 3.5" lift (It's like Max Tow, you...

    No great pics of the truck yet, but I just went from 37x12.5x17 BFG KM3's on factory wheels (with 1.75:/44mm spacer - net 0 Offset) to a lightweight Kansei Roku wheel with 37x12.5x17 Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT. The wheel is 1" wider, the tire is bigger and heavier, and I only gained a pound...

    That's going to look good with that color Gladiator. Love that color!
  6. Update on switching from M/T to an A/T results (Toyo Open Country III A/T -- 265/70/17)

    I wouldn't say hybrid, just a very aggressive AT (and they are severe weather rated). I’ve attached pics of the tread next to the KM3 MT. The tread spacing is definitely closer on the Mickey Thompson's, but not so much that I think they'll perform poorly in the mud. Visually, they look more...
  7. Update on switching from M/T to an A/T results (Toyo Open Country III A/T -- 265/70/17)

    37x12.5x17. I like them too. Very aggressive for an AT.
  8. Update on switching from M/T to an A/T results (Toyo Open Country III A/T -- 265/70/17)

    I finally got my Mickey Thompson Baja Boss AT's to replace my BFG KM3's this week. Not many miles on them so far, but I love the quite ride. Frankly, I don't think I'm going backwards in traction as these are very aggressive AT's. I got them for winter performance, but after a long wait I...
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    Now That's Ridding Dirty!
  10. Minnesota (4) 37x12.5x17 BFGoodrich KM3 Mud Terrain T/A Tires on Factory Jeep Gladiator Rubicon Wheels With Tire Protection Certificates!

    Listing on the Forum First! Selling locally or come pick them up. I also have 4 Teraflex 1.75"/44mm spacers (not included in price) that make the wheels zero off-set shown in the pic of my truck. Includes: (4) Tires, Wheels, Tire Pressure Sensors, Lug Nuts, and Tire Protection Certificates...
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    I think I heard it drop a gear to get through. Sad...
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    It would have been disrespectful not to include you. You've posted some funny shit! Hopefully this will reinvigorate the some of the OG posters from the thread. I've had more laughs from this tread than should be allowed. BTW: If I missed anyone, my apologies. Please add them to the list.
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    Thanks for remembering the OG's. BTW @irrelevantgoals - First post #4491- March 22! Don't forget these! @ShadowsPapa @Free2roam @HopSlammer @Rusty PW @Midnight Rider @The White Rabbit @Elff @AmishMike @HouseOfWolves @Lunentucker Thanks all!
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    HELL NO! Just showing some love for the recent content. Besides, if I ever do sell my Gladiator I won't be stupid enough to post it here! I know what abuse I'd get :).
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    Many thanks to @Alfonz and @irrelevantgoals (and anyone I've overlooked) for keeping the dream alive. You've added some funny shit to the thread. I've been watching this tread from the beginning and there have been so many great contributors that have come and gone (mostly got banned). I...
  16. I Love Winter... Post Your Snow Pics ❄️ 📸

    Close. I drove through Brainerd. I stopped by 5 Rocks Distillery to pick up some bourbon on the way through.
  17. Where did you WHEEL your Gladiator today?

    Drove up to Spider Lake trails in northern Minnesota and took a drive out on Lake Mille Lacs on Saturday. It was a beautiful day for a drive and some snow wheeling fun.
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    In case you missed the Daytona 500. It pays to be careful these days.