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  1. Oregon Sold: Mojave wheel & tire take-offs

    Maybe 1000 miles on 4, 0 miles on the spare. No TPMS. These are sweet. Was going to put them on my JKU, but I sold it. $1000
  2. Oregon Sold: Mojave springs OEM Take offs

    Take offs with maybe 100 miles. $200 OBO + shipping
  3. Mojave diesel?

    Has anyone heard any intel on if or when we might see a diesel Mojave? This is absolutely my dream Jeep
  4. I want a Gladiator 4XeD.

    I want a Gladiator 4XeD. No, not that kind of ED. :CWL::CWL::CWL: But how cool would a plug in hybrid Ecodiesel be?
  5. Diesel in November?

    Mopar insiders spied a JL Sahara being tested with the 3.0! They went on to say they are hearing November release!
  6. Pricing?

    Tomorrow's March 1. Will we get pricing?
  7. Activity key FTW

    Just had a look at the Jaguar website, due to meeting a guy in an F-pace recently at the diesel pump (who claimed over 40 mpg). Anyway, check out the activity key they offer. WE NEED THIS.
  8. Has anyone gotten a single email after signing up for updates?

    I signed up for JT updates no later than the day of the LA reveal, but they haven't sent a single communication.
  9. JT sightings at consumer to shows?

    Has anyone seen the Gladiator at any consumer trade shows yet? Hoping one of them (at least 1) makes it to the Portland Auto Show here in Dysentery land...
  10. 4500lb max towing with manual trans on Rubi

    Just saw that the Rubicon is only rated for 4500lb trailer towing, and only 1200 payload with the 6 speed manual. Guess it's a good thing I'm holding out for the diesel. Both 4500 towing and 1200 payload are likely to be fine for me, but why limit myself?
  11. Are you not entertained?!

  12. Anyone going to the LA Auto show? To the reveal?

    Who's going? Who's got credentials to attend the reveal?
  13. Best way to watch the live reveal?

    Any plans to stream it here @JAY ? Any other ideas?
  14. Countdown

    23 days. 22 days. 21 days. 20 days. 19 days. 18 days. 17 days. 16 days. 15 days. 14 days. 13 days. 12 days. 11 days. 10 days. 9 days. 8 days. 7 days! 6 days. 5 days. 4 days. 3 days. 2 days. 1 day. TODAY!
  15. New spy shot

    From Facebook. This was taken in Vegas, near SEMA.
  16. Jeep Humor Waiting Room

    Hey, all of you out there waiting for the JT to arrive, I invite you into this thread for some fun and camaraderie while we wait ever so patiently. Please add your humor here!
  17. Forum activity is encouraging

    Even though we're not getting any leaks or official information flow, it's encouraging to see an increase in activity here. At least it shows I'm not alone in my crazy curiosity of what will surely be my next vehicle. Can't wait for the full download. Pics of the final proto unveiled, pricing...
  18. Show Schedule?

    Has anyone seen an official announcement (or reputable rumor) of when and where the JT reveal will be held? Edit: If I missed an announcement or something I apologize.
  19. Hard top removal

    If the rear window is fixed in the hard top, the top will be a PITA to remove and store, as there will be no place to hook (w\glass up) like there is on the JL (& JK, TJ, YJ...). Also, those rolly contraptions will also be useless since there will be a truck bed in the way. It'll be interesting...
  20. Can we please get some news on this thing?

    I'm going CrAzY waiting for new info to drop. Throw me a Frickin bone here people!