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  1. Arizona SOLD-- Tazer Mini FS

    $250 shipped CUS https://www.zautomotive.com/product/z_tzr_jlm/#camera-kit
  2. California Sold: Rubicon plastic take off front bumper $75 picked up in San Jose

    Gauging interest in NorCal for this take off front bumper. 8k miles.
  3. California Drone for sale - Yuneec typhoon H with real sense - $650

    Used Yuneec Typhoon H with real sense drone, 2 batteries, 4k gimble camera, st16 controller, back pack. Was professionally refurbished by Yuneec, and operates, one leg retaining clip fell out and I can't figure it out how to put it back in. $650 shipped CUS.
  4. Cabin water resistant?

    I see lots of folks wheeling with tops and doors off. How water resistant is the cabin of our JT's? I haven't seen someone take it open through a car wash yet. They went through the trouble of not having electronics in the seats, but not sure about the dash and center console (USB and inverter).
  5. Air deflector for RTT

    Has anyone effectively used an air deflector to make RTT less of a brick at speed? You would think you could mount something at the back if the hard top in front of a soft RTT.
  6. UCONNECT 8.4 INFO update to the app

    I have the Gladiator Rubicon with the 8.4" UCONNECT system, I have it all enabled with Guardian. I can lock, unlock, start, cancel, horn and lights etc. all works fine. When I try and update the location of the vehicle it is hit or miss on if it will even update even after just driving it...
  7. JCR rack and ROAM RTT, anyone done this install?

    I have the JCR full rack, ad the ROAM tent being dleivered, has anyone sucessfully installed and share insights?