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  1. Brake applies when door is open

    So you're happy to have the government regulating every part of life today because "if only 1 kid's life is saved it's worth it"
  2. Brake applies when door is open

    Yeah, that'll work. Do you call the post office and ask them to stop sending you junk mail?
  3. Key Fob Follies

    Anyone that uses "jibber jabber" should probably tune out
  4. Anyone planning on going to the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff?

    Thanks. As much as I'd like to go I'm allergic to crowds of human beings. I'll just go camping somewhere else
  5. Anyone planning on going to the Overland Expo West in Flagstaff?

    Thanks for posting the link - didn't realize it's back on next month. Do they give you enough space for parking and a tent for camping?
  6. Cold Air Intake Benefits?

    If you've posted about CAIs on Jeeps go ahead and put up a link(s) as many here could learn from them
  7. Unusual Noise at 40-50 mph

    Does it sound like this?
  8. ARIZONA For Sale thread

    How much you want for that collapsible step stool? :LOL:
  9. 37's No Lift Sport with Bushwacker Flares- PICs wanted

    Gladiator Sport Factory suspension 37s Bushwacker flares What do you think the odds are that someone has this and is on this forum? thread soundtrack
  10. Trash or sell stock sport suspension?

    Better off donating it and taking the huge tax deduction :CWL:
  11. Cold Air Intake Benefits?

    There are possibly more downsides to a CAI than upside and certainly there are better ways to spend $$$ on your Gladiator
  12. ARIZONA Check in!

    Add your info to this list and re-post it here: Screen name First name Location MY Gladiator brief info WhatExit? Dan Mesa (East side off Power & 202) 2020 Gladiator Launch Edition heavily modded
  13. Unusual Noise at 40-50 mph

    I don't know the temperature there but if it's hot the radiator cooling fan could be running
  14. Cold Air Intake Benefits?

    CAIs are great for those who spend the money and defend them. The truth is the "seat-of-the-pants" performance gains and "the sound" are what you're paying for. And there's a downside to them but rarely will CAI buyers talk about them. Truth is there are so many better ways to spend your mod...