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  1. Stupid question .. Rubicon Rock Rail step????

    I'm in the same boat. really like to have the upgrade factory sliders, but have been looking at this for a while. cuts out alot of fab, just weld it up. https://redsummitmachineworks.com/collections/jeep-products/products/rock-sliders-side-steps-for-jeep-gladiator-jt-and-jeep-jl
  2. storage box on bed rack?

    anyone have something like this? been thinking of getting rid of my cover and going to a short rack. like to keep the bed useable for everyday stuff, but I need lockable / waterproof storage and use my bed on the regular. thinking of something like a Yakima Rocketbox 12, something that...
  3. tonneau Cover started lifting at sides when on highway

    thanks for the attachment SP, but is there an actual TSB on them? the case number's were the same, but had different dates. I mentioned it when I went in for my last oil change and they just blew me off. "we spoke to an engineer and it's within spec" ok, what is the spec? couldn't /...
  4. Mojave Premium Fabric Versus Leather

    I opted for cloth because of the temps, leather would be hot in the summer and cold in the winter. I am a leather guy though, they do look nicer and will probably wear better. just not as comfortable in Jeeps IMO. I bought a cheap waterproof cover (kind of like a towel with a headrest hood...
  5. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    I have a roll up bed cover so, mines secure. I wouldn't just through it back there, but I have back seat passengers and can't put in the cab. used the straps several times this week and they worked, didn't go flying. they are harder to use because of the length, but we're only $9 so I can't...
  6. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    I just put mine on a blanket in the bed right now. Weather isn’t predictable enough yet. I bought some straps for a Wrangler and they’re shorter than the factory ones. I think they might work, just have to see.
  7. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    no offense, but that's dumb... why would you remove the window, roll it up and then wrestle it through 2 bungee holes. THEN snap it to the roof to flop in the wind??? I stick with my method, but I've lost mine so don't listen to me... anybody got a p/n by chance or do I need to go test...
  8. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    I don't think it's possible to our back window up and I wouldn't personally because of scratches. plus, they are a continuous loop and not long enough to replicate on the back glass like a Wrangler. maybe I'm using them wrong, but I flatten out the folds in the top (inside the truck) and loop...
  9. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    SUPER REDNECK photo editing!!! they work like this, come with the velcro straps for the frame and 2 bungee straps for the fabric.
  10. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    the soft top latch, wish I had an actual picture of them installed.
  11. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    no help??? these are the little bungees that come in the soft top kit, they snap above the back window and loop around the latch hook. like this. think a Wrangler is the same? mine were so tight it put too much pressure on the snap and they would either pop my hand or fly off. need...
  12. Gas mileage on 35'S

    I have 35 K02's and average low 16's in the winter, been getting closer to 18 since it's starting to warm up.
  13. soft top question / issue - bungee strap

    has anyone else had their bungee straps go flying while you riding down the road? I've lost both of mine now and need to replace or upgrade. does anyone know the p/n by chance, been searching and no dice so far. any better solutions out there?
  14. “Best” 37 Inch Tire For Daily Driver?

    I know this is the answer, but was hoping... I just hate to replace the same tires I'm currently using, but I have no complaints besides the gravel issue. I was just going to build a new set of wheels / tires and keep my current setup together. was trying to con myself into thinking I would...
  15. “Best” 37 Inch Tire For Daily Driver?

    bump this back up. anyone have any more input on the KM3's? unfortunately about 98% of all my miles are hwy / interstate and I drive about 20-25k miles a year. so I need something very livable, do make some 5 + hour road trips. I'm looking at the C range, trying to keep weight down as much...
  16. BFG K02 37" overall mounted height?

    perfect, appreciate the info. that's actually less than I expected, was hoping for something closer to 36"... I would use a 8.5" wheel, would should give it a little more height. but that will not be a drastic change over what I'm currently at, which is good or bad depending on how you look...
  17. BFG K02 37" overall mounted height?

    curious is someone has measured the actual size of a 37*12.50*17 K02 mounted on a 8.5" or 9" wide wheel. wanting to go to a wider wheel and might add 37's at the same time, trying to stay as light as possible and K02's are on the very short list. don't want to add a lift yet or regear and...
  18. BUMPERS!

    I like that, where'd you get the d rings?
  19. Totalled??(Kidding)...what's next?

    bumper cores are pretty standard nowadays... headlights, tailights, all kinds of body parts are going that direction. like others. I'd just buy a take off bumper or upgrade, be easier and cheaper.
  20. Diminished Value on JT

    I would start at 20% of the value and go from there. with all the information available and the fear mongering of rolling wrecks any ding on your report will most definitely impact the resale / trade in value.