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  1. Pennsylvania Sold: Suntop Soft Top Black

    Selling a Suntop soft top I used for only a few weeks last summer. In excellent like new condition. Located in Se Pa $800 and I will accept trades for silver bullion. Get it in time for summer. https://thesuntopusa.com/collections/jeep-gladiator/top
  2. Pennsylvania ..........

    Out of town
  3. Doors off = collision avoidance off

    I took my doors off for the first time and noticed I get a warning upon start up that my collision avoidance isn't working. I didn't see or notice it until the 3rd or 4th start. Is this normal when the doors are off or should I be concerned?
  4. Loose Steering/bump steer...... check your balls

    He guys and gals. I just wanted to share a little experience I’ve had with my JT. I never had any issues with my steering except for the dealer having the tires overfilled when I first purchased it (44+ PSI I believe). So, upon installing my Evo lift I decided to do the full Steer Smarts tie...
  5. Uconnect update with tazer installed?

    I keep getting the install message for a Uconnect update. Has anyone done this while having a tazer installed? Any issues doing this?
  6. Ball Joint Upgrade?

    I see two upgrades avialable for our JT: 1. Mopar Ball Joint Kit $285 2. Dana HD Front Ball Joint Kit $199 Does anyone have any experience with either kit? Which one is stronger?
  7. Artec Nighthawk Stinger Front Bumper

    Anyone run one of these? Any frame cutting involved? What are you doing for fog lights? I wasn't planning on buying one now but they are running a 20% off sale until the end of the month.
  8. In Bed Recovery Racks?

    I'm looking for an in bed recovery rack with the ability to hold 1 or 2 tires vertically, jack, and extra gear. Has anyone see one or know of a vendor developing one? Examples of what I'm looking for:
  9. Let's talk steering upgrades steering upgrades.... Synergy, Steer Smarts, etc

    I’m virtually days away from installing my lift and I’m still undecided on what upgraded steering stabilizer I’m going with. This sort of led me down the rabbit hole of upgrading the tie rod and drag link and possibly more while the lift is being installed. I figured I mine as well bite the...
  10. Pennsylvania Sold: FS New Baja Designs S8 50" light bar

    Baja Designs S8 Combo 50" light bar and wiring harness. I bought it for my JK but ended up not installing it. Brand new in the box and priced to move. It retails for over $1200. Selling for $750 shipped in the 48. I'm in SE Pa and can meet up.
  11. Fuel Zephyr 5.0 Backspacing (1 offset) questions

    I'm trying to decide on a tire wheel combo that will fit my lift but not "poke" out a ton. I’ve ordered a 4.5” Evo Enforcer Overland kit which calls for a wheel with a 5” or less backspacing. I’m looking to order the Fuel Zephyr in 17x9 with 5” backspacing, +1 offset. I plan to pair them...
  12. Insert_Clever_Name_Here EVO 4.5/38's (for now) Stage 3 completed

    Well..... Stage 3 is complete and the bed rack will be next when I can get some time off. I'm pretty happy with the progress I've made in less than a year. Goals: Building a truck I can take on multi state trips and hit some trails. I was looking for a vehicle that could hold enough gear...
  13. SE Pa shop for a lift installation

    I'm looking for a shop in Pa to do a lift/armor install. I know I'll get a response saying I should do it myself but honestly I don't have the time and prefer to pay someone at this point in my life. Any suggestions in the South Eastern part of pa?
  14. Lift recommendation for the NE

    I've been out of building Jeeps for a few years so I could use some guidance. I'm looking for a lift for a daily driver that will tackle some decent trails (I plan to get back into it). Needs: Able to withstand NE Winters and salt (I don’t want the finish peeling after 1 winter) I would like...
  15. Anyone developing an aftermarket soft top?

    I'm probably buying a hard top JT tomorrow. Is the factory soft top the only option right now?