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  1. Metalcloak Giveaway - May/June Full set of Hinge Steps (2 pair)

    Been looking at these hinge steps hard to make the roof rack more accessible. Once I eventually add that 2.5" gamechanger, I'll definitely need the boost.
  2. Rain Gutter Roof Rack on hard top- Safe or not?

    I could swear I've seen multiple posts that the dynamic load limit on the rain gutter itself was only 88lbs...
  3. Rear yellow turn signals?

    https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/export-tail-lights-on-na-spec-gladiator.31651/ This is a helpful thread on conversion to the euro-spec rear taillights with amber turns. I've previously converted a JK while in Europe for a bit. One helpful thing I found was to tap the front...
  4. Rhino-Rack Backbone & Pioneer with Bestop Sunrider

    I installed the rhino-rack backbone and a pioneer platform on my rig today. This is the 36"x56" platform on the backbone with the RCL legs--this configuration works with the Bestop sunrider! Overall, fairly simple install...just tedious--and triple checking everything before drilling. I still...
  5. Convert gopro mount to handheld radio mount?

    You should look at Magnetic Mic also...they make a great handset adapter to add to any mount. It will hold up while offroading as well.
  6. Gladiator walks when you hit bumps.

    When I traded my '16 JKUR for my '20 JT and my wife's '16 JKUS for a '20 JLUR the steering was loose in both and they wandered--especially at highway speed. It was worse stock than any of my previous jeeps (83 CJ, 08 JKUR, 13 JK, 14 JKS, 15 JKW, 16 JKUR, 16 JKUS -- I have a Jeep...
  7. Wire Pass-thru for roof

    It's the same lightbar I've run on two previous jeeps...I haven't had any issues with the wind noise or humming. Plus, it will be mounted aft of the b-pillar...I'll likely get as much wind noise from the rack. I was actually just looking at a West Marine catalogue. Some possible options...
  8. Gladiator walks when you hit bumps.

    The updated steering gear makes a noticeable difference, but there will always be a degree of bump steer on a solid front axle vehicle.
  9. Wire Pass-thru for roof

    I've thought about that, but would require adding either some adhesive wire channel down the back of the cab exterior. The rack doesn't go far enough forward to run down the A-pillar. I've got to drill the top to mount the backbone platform regardless, an additional pass-thru isn't going to...
  10. No-drill limb risers?

    Lightbar mounts may be your best bet...and you could always paint them to match to keep it lower profile (and added A-pillar protection). It wouldn't be cable risers, but I have used paracord tied off on the hood latches, run under the top header, and tied off to the latches before as an...
  11. Wire Pass-thru for roof

    Hey all, I'm looking for some good recommendations for waterproof pass thru. I'm planning on mounting a Rhino-Rack on the truck and then installing my lightbar, area lights, and chase bar. Looking for any recommendations on the best way to drill/waterproof the wiring into the cab. TIA!
  12. Rigid Industries Lights

    You get what you pay for. Rigid isn't cheap, but they back their products. I've run a wide range of their products since ~2010, I've never had any issues. You can definitely tell the quality difference when side by side and on with other brands (though ones like Baja and Diode Dynamics, I'd...
  13. How low (PSI) do you drop your tires?

    Most deflators are preset to 18 PSI. Trails/fireroads I usually run 15-18 PSI. Rocks at about 10-12... I don't run beadlocks, but at 10 PSI and some moderate rocks/off-camber, I've yet to break a bead on a run.
  14. window deflectors , Yes or No ?

    I don't currently run them, but I have on many previous rigs. The only real "downside" to them is you have to be a little more cautious when removing/carrying your doors. You will crack them...
  15. Favorite Portable Toilet

    Cleanwaste/PETT and the WAG bags. Very common in the military now also for field units.
  16. Virginia (Stafford County/Fredericksburg) Gladiators

    Dale City/Woodbridge area now. Starting to see more Gladiators around...but not many.
  17. Sell me on onboard air

    @Frenzy did a pretty good job explaining some of the benefits, and I've gone through similar iterations with OBA setups. I'd highly recommend the twin compressor over the single...it pays in the long run. Speed, duty-cycle, expandable...prefer to do it right once...even if that means waiting a...
  18. First timer looking into on onbard air

    That 813 kit is legit. I'd also offer Grimm Offroad has a OBA great kit for the ARB compressors I'm running on my JT. Very clean, same driver side underhood mounting location with the compressor on the firewall under the master cylinder. I've run OBA on 3 of my previous rigs as well...always...
  19. So, what is everybody towing?

    My 2013 Manley ORV Utility.
  20. Help me find the perfect awning? Or does it not exist?

    I run a Slumberjack Roadhouse. Much more versatile than the fixed awning. I either run it off the truck or trailer...so far no issues...