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  1. RSI Smartcap

    Speaking of topo. Did this in March 🤙🏼
  2. Florida Full Rear Seat Delete. $650.00

    Still available?
  3. D&C Designs Side Marker

    no issues at all! Love them and love being able to do one side or the other when at camp. Works perfectly 🤙🏼
  4. Rear End Bounce

    running the falcons I assume as well. I’m tempted to see if the 3.5s with the “auto” would solve it 😂
  5. Rear End Bounce

    No solution to it for me. But you may not be experiencing a similar issue. I would check driveshaft asap. Buddy of mine blew his driveshaft on the highway. He was getting constant vibration and it got worse and worse. Unbalanced driveshaft can cause thevibration and if you bang it up on a...
  6. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    So I have 1.5 x 1.5 metal extustions running across the rsi cap support rails Tent lays on that and strapped to it. The awning bracket fits on top of the extrusion and I set it when the tent was open to make sure the shell clears the awning
  7. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    made my own load bars using metal extrusions. Everything I did to mount everything always ended up putting the tent higher than I wanted when using other mounting systems. 270 awning. IKamper 2.0. Shower awning. All is mounted to the load bars. The shower is actually mounted to the rails from...
  8. D&C Designs Side Marker

    Okay. Products arrived. Product installed half way… but only because it got dark out lol. reaction….Do I wish for the price it came with standard wiring and some connectors and what not…. Absolutely. But it’s hard to do that since everyone installs them a little different to suite their needs...
  9. Rear End Bounce

    Are you saying you had rear end bounce, then added the shocks and still have it? did you try what was mentioned above yet? Making sure the SP2 mode is correct? I had a busy couple days and was unable to get to working on the truck yet.
  10. D&C Designs Side Marker

    only twice? I think I did it every time they posted a sale lol. Pics and review coming. Spoke to them before placed the order to confirm they had my color in stock and it should be shipping tomorrow so far…. Great customer service
  11. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    thanks for the reply. The answer I expected, but not the answer I wanted 😂 time to experiment 👍🏼
  12. D&C Designs Side Marker

    Took the plunge after a year and a half. Will report back on my review! 👍🏼
  13. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    Good point. Didn’t even think about the weight capacity of the nutserts. Maybe leave the plywood off all together and just run some aluminum channel or something. The stow away table is 41 lbs. so my guess is the weight limit on these nutserts were tested and failed around 60lbs Hey @SmartCap...
  14. RSi SmartCap EVO Gladiator Fitment

    I’m in the process of using the roof Rivnuts to put threaded rod about 5-6” (to not obstruct window) and run either a piece of plywood or get a custom sized molle panel to mount there. Use it as a high shelf for long items such as camping table, chairs, recovery boards. And then be able to mount...
  15. Rear End Bounce

    After watching the video and a few others, I am almost convinced the SP2 mode adjust is not correct on my truck. I will still take videos and go through all the comments on this. Will report back. Thank you all for the help
  16. Rear End Bounce

    thank you both. I have another weekend project now lol When I had the shocks out I noticed the mode adjust instructions and thought I put them in performance mode but will be sure to check that. They had a tag saying do not over rotate and I couldn’t feel any difference when rotating CCW or...
  17. Rear End Bounce

    interesting. I will have to try this and report back. I will perform the test on the firmest setting and the softest setting and see what the results are. I hope these falcon shocks are adjustable enough to work. I see plenty of people running heavy loads with these shocks and haven’t seen them...
  18. Rear End Bounce

    it Continues the duration of the segmented highway. More segments. The harsher it gets
  19. Rear End Bounce

    I will check after work, but don’t believe it is. I expect some bounce but it seems excessive. I did test it removing all the weight minus the smartcap. Got slightly better but still occurred. Unsure if I’m being over critical now that I’m paying attention to it. Maybe I can take a video of it
  20. Rear End Bounce

    yessir. On the ground and on a level concrete slab. Could the wrong torque cause this? Maybe I’ll check my torque on all control arms