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  1. What the Spring Bow?

    I haven't been able to find much on this topic but I did find some threads where others mentioned a bowing driver side spring after a lift/level and even one other user with a Sport whose springs looked like mine then straightened out after he swapped in Rubicon spring and a 0.75" spacer. Here...
  2. What the Spring Bow?

    I noticed this while just peeking around. My 22 Sport S has 23k miles on it and is 100% stock except Rubicon takeoff tires. I've never hit anything, never offroaded, and drove it off the lot with 6 miles on it. The driver side spring bows outward and the bumpstop cup almost touches the spring...
  3. Audio vibrating floor and steering wheel- Alpine system 22 Mojave

    IIRC, the floors and up to the firewall don't have any sound damping material under the carpet. Might be worth investigating.
  4. Soft Top flew off Jeep at Highway Speeds

    Mine's been fine but a short bungee cord under the latch with the ends clipped to the header panel is one easy solution I've seen.
  5. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    @jac04 Absolutely no idea why any vehicle would lack ac vents tbh, but it looks like the Bronco, Ranger, and new Tacoma all lack center console vents in the rear.
  6. Are the days of Gladiators holding their values gone?

    I bought my 22' Sport S for 40,600 (ordered it from a forum dealer) and as of today, Carvana wants to offer me 38,200 for it with 20k miles on it. I bought my 5G Ranger for just over 32 and the same dealer gave me 35 for it in January 22. I love how these trucks will hold value.
  7. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    Our summer heat index is pretty high in GA so it's more of a concern down here. The rear does have underseat ducting. When the heat index is 100+ on an avg summer day, it takes some effort to cool the cab down and without much evaporative cooling effect from direct AC, it just stays hot in the...
  8. Pentastar 3.6 Recall On Lash Adjusters, Allegedly

    I was refraining from posting here but I also have a pretty noisy '22 but never have had any CELs or running issues. Its noisy when cold and then goes after a few minutes of driving. This isn't a little clicky noise either, it's very audible. I'll try to record it on my drive to work tomorrow.
  9. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    Whatever color paint the new raptor is cloaked in looks exceptionally good imo.
  10. 2024 Ranger & 405hp Ranger Raptor 🦖 Revealed! Raptor Priced at Just $56,960

    I like it a lot but I'm surprised that the rear seat passengers will still be sweating their nuts off in the summer due to lack of rear passenger AC vents. Its 2023 and $50k+ vehicles lack basic AC features??
  11. Should I lift the Gladiator or not?

    Unless you're an absolute penny pincher (are you really though if you own a gladiator??), The gas mileage concern is practically null and void as these things get crap gas mileage stock. I drive 20,000 miles a year. If I get 20mpg, I'll spend $3300 on gas at $3.30/gal. If I get 18mpg by adding...
  12. Competition: 2024 Tacoma First Look Leak! *Official Image*

    It looks good enough. A manual turbo 4 in an upper trim level would be a lot of fun. I don't think I'll be paying 50 grand for a midsize truck that's not a Jeep anytime soon though. Guys are paying 50 for 5g Ranger Tremors, 50 for Frontier Pro 4X, and TRD Tacoma will certainly hit 50 as well. I...
  13. 35s (or close to it) on stock wheel question

    I have a narrow axle JT and my 33inch takeoffs rub on tight left turns (almost imperceptibly though) so I'm pretty sure a 315/70 is going to rub somewhere on any narrow axle JT. Its very hard to find information on what rubs when for a specific setup on the narrow axles so you're best bet is to...
  14. Rear View Mirror Delete ?

    Flipping mine upside down made a big difference. I think it raised it like an inch higher.
  15. Worn drag link, replace tie rod or ride it out?

    What does one look for to indicate the drag link is worn? I'm surprised they do bad that easily.
  16. Ceramic Coating?

    I was going to ceramic coat mine but after personally coating just the exterior plastics, I decided against it. Too labor intensive and I'm not paying $1500 for a full paint correction and application. A chemical + mechanical decontamination followed by a "cleaner" wax does a great job imo and...
  17. JT/JL Clutch and Flywheel explained by ACT

    Thanks for taking the time to put all this together Dirk, very informative. Some of my previous assumptions were made a lot clearer.
  18. Are we in denial about the factory oil viscosity and grade specifications?

    Did somebody say Brotella? LOL. I used HDEOs in a few of my gas cars in the past. The formulation for T6 changed at least 3 different times in the 8 years I used it. I use Valvoline EP in my JT now just because.
  19. Spare of a different size? Big deal or nah?

    Don't be a cheap ass. That other thread about not having a spare is asinine. Get a used cheapo 35 for 100 bucks and keep it aired up.
  20. BRCC: The Final Send

    If you like Hoonigan production and general American badassery, enjoy: