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  1. Warn M15000

    Does anybody know if the Warn M15000 will fit on the front of a JT? I found a great deal on one and I am thinking about getting it. I know it is overkill to have such a big winch but I hate to pass on this deal if it will fit. Thank you in advance for any information that is given.
  2. Any good chase racks out there?

    Has anybody found or seen some great looking chase racks out there? If so, post up and add some pictures if you can.
  3. Sector shaft brace

    How many of you have this installed and has it made a difference? I don't have a problem with my steering being loose but there is a lot of wandering especially with gusts of wind. The wandering doesn't seem normal to me as I have owned plenty of Jeep Wranglers and CJs in the past and haven't...
  4. To armrest or not to armrest?

    This question has probably been answered but I couldn't find the answer. I know the armrest come with the leather seats in the rear. Do you get the armrest when you order the other leather option? I do not want the Rubicon leather seats but I want the armrest that comes with them. Does anyone...