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  1. Maryland Black Grill Trim

    Still available
  2. Maryland 33’ snow tires - less than 2k miles

    Still available. been stored well, ready to go!
  3. Maryland Sold: Mopar wheel locks

    Used for 20k miles before trading in. $25 shipped
  4. Maryland Black Grill Trim

    Used for 10k miles, great way to transform the front end of an overland trim to go from silver to black. $65 shipped
  5. Maryland Shift And transfer case knobs

    Still available!
  6. Maryland Shift And transfer case knobs

    Price drop- $90 shipped
  7. Maryland Sold: 33’ snow tires - less than 2k miles

    Have a set of 4 E rated Cooper Discover Snow Claw 275/70/18 33’ winter tires on overland rims. This Maryland winter was mild, so only used for a month or so. Traded in my Jeep so no need for these next winter. Includes sensors Tires were over $900 alone. Great deal for someone who wants to...
  8. Maryland Sold: Shift And transfer case knobs

    From Speeddawg Both knobs plus needed adapters. Original cost was $160 plus the wait time to custom make. $125 shipped will throw in a set of painted blue key hole covers… I believe they’re “santi-caps”. Paint isn’t perfect but a cool way to cover up the keyholes
  9. Is 6' 3" really too tall

    Some of those brackets raise up the seat too much, there’s a thread over in the diy section to modify the seat itself to give some more legroom without raising it
  10. Your thoughts on the 6 speed manual in the Gladiator?

    4.56. I’m on 34s and it’s not bad, but I live in mountainous west Md. you should be good at 4.88 for 35s. Or come trade me axels and cash before I trade my gladiator in 😂
  11. Your thoughts on the 6 speed manual in the Gladiator?

    Regearing improves it tremendously
  12. Trade in with Tazer Mini?

    Somewhat regretfully, I have decided to trade in my Gladiator. I regeared from 3.73 to 4.56 about 14000 miles ago. The trade-in I’ve arranged gave me good value, but I made no mention of the upgraded gears. 1) should I disclose the gears? Would the (non-Jeep) dealership care? 2) should I...
  13. Maryland Sold: 2020 Gladiator Overland 6 Speed Manual with upgraded gears $45,000

    Put a deposit down on a new car arriving in a few weeks, so here goes. Would prefer not to sell until mid-April, but figured I’d list it now. 2020 Jeep Gladiator Overland 38000 Miles 6 Speed Manual Transmission Original MSRP - $48650 Factory Options: Cold Weather Package with Heated Seats and...
  14. Favorite color you didn’t buy…

    I have blue Punkn Gobi Gecko Are my what ifs. Other mopar options I’d love would be hellraisen or mojito
  15. Maryland 2 Spares with highway tires

    Bump - $100 for both
  16. Driver's Seat Leg Room

    I too tried the misch seat brackets but it raised me too high. Over in the DIY section, I followed this thread and successfully modded my seat to add a few inches without raising the seat at all. https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/big-boy-factory-seat-adaption.27136/#post-793039...
  17. Manual Transmission Club

    Yes sir. You know full well the ups and downs on I-68.