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  1. Improving suspension with no lift.

    I have a Mojave and tow a decent sized trailer, not looking to go above 35" tires, and don't want to raise the CoG more than the RTT already has. With that being said, I have added a decent amount of weight to the truck to gear up for camping and am curious on options for shocks and springs...
  2. Have a local question

    I'm in the Modesto area and trying to fond someone to do some electrical work. Does anyone know of a good shop in the area that can do battery, solar, etc installs?
  3. Shipping misshap from Northridge4x4

    So, I ordered a set of Teraflex Nomad split spoke wheels for my wife's Wrangler. They showed up way quicker than expected, and I was pleasantly surprised. Then I got another shipping notice from UPS for almost 200lbs. Another set of wheels showed up a few days later that I hadn't ordered. I...
  4. 2 switch setup for bed rack lights

    Trying to figure out how to wire up the bed rack auxiliary lights. I am putting a battery setup under the rear seat for my fridge, and want to run the rack lights off of it as well. I have a VOSwitch JL400 to control lighting from the drivers seat, but I want to add a switch at the bed to run...
  5. LP6

    Has anyone seen any sales on LP6 pairs? Only price I'm seeing is about $1,000 for the pair and hoping to get a bit off that. Guess I might have to wait for a BF sale or something.
  6. Battery bank under rear seat

    Before I dig into adding auxiliary electrical systems to my truck I'm wanting to plan out an additional battery bank and management system. I don't really want to take up bed space, and currently don't use the under seat or behind seat storage for anything. I'm curious if anyone has set up an...
  7. Soft top support struts

    Both of my premium soft top support struts blew their seals this morning as I was closing the top to go to work. Was a fun wake up moment. Wonder how long those will be back ordered lol
  8. Xtrusion-overland XTR-1

    Been working on this rack for a while with the guys at Xtrusion-Overland, I'm running it with the mounting brackets for the Revolver X4s tslot rails. They do custom sizes, and it is a completely modular system. I am currently finishing up lifting side panels, need the ball studs for the gas...
  9. Gladiator towing range

    Wasn't really sure where to place this thread as it has to do with a few different topics. I'm debating on a spare tire location auxiliary fuel tank to extend my range. We will likely be taking 2 vehicles when doing any long distance trips and I don't want to have to stop twice as often to fill...
  10. Magnuson Superchargers and reliability

    Just curious who has the most miles on their Magnuson, I keep seeing people post about everyone they know having to replace their engine by 20,000 miles with FI on the 3.6, and I'm curious what the experience here shows.
  11. New offroad travel trailer

    Brought this home yesterday, the Mojave did ok with no WDH and a tank and a half of water. RV place ia trying to order a WDH from the company that makes the fully articulating hookup that came with the trailer.
  12. Headlight adjustment while towing.

    Ok, so I have aftermarket LED headlights that require me to take the grille off to adjust the height of them. With a WDH hitch and Sumo springs how likely is it that I will need to adjust the lights with a 550ish hitch weight trailer? Debating on switching to factory LED or Oracle Oculus...
  13. Soft top leak above windshield.

    Will start this off by saying that I've been more generous with my dealer than I should be. When I picked up my Mojave, it had the premium soft top package, but the actual folding top material was sail cloth. Whatever, wanted the truck and told them I'd swap the top off my trade in Sport and...
  14. California Sold: Mopar Performance Slider with Step Assist.

    I have the Step/Sliders that I'm going to take off my Mojave soon, just trying to see if anyone local is interested. Less than 200 miles on them so far, asking 800 obo. Thanks
  15. Stuck in hospital for week after getting new Mojave.

    Got super excited to trade in my black 2020 Sport S for a 2021 Snazzberry Mojave last week. Signed the paperwork on Fridaay, and Saturday evening I ended up in the ER with an infection in the finger that I smashed my fingernail on earlier in the week. After being on Antibiotics it got worse, and...
  16. Sanctuary build

    2021 Snazzberry Mojave soft top Red Summit Machine Works -Side step kit that is a weld on for the factory Rubicon sliders need to be welded and powder coated. -Alpha Series front bumper-wishlist -tire carrier rear bumper- wishlist Xtrusion-Overland - XTR-1 bed rack, waiting on delivery, testing...
  17. BAK X4s Revolver

    Just installed this cover yesterday morning. Install was smooth, and so far I love it. Has a T-slot in the rail so I'll be able to mount a rack without interfering.
  18. Spot vs Driving/Combo auxiliary lights

    What do you guys think? My headlights put out about 20k lumens on high beams, so I was leaning towards Spots to get a little better range on lighting. I don't have a lot of experience with auxiliary lighting though so I figured I would ask. This is what my high beams look like on the road.
  19. Glad i was in the Gladiator this morning.

    Driving to work this morning I had someone try squeezing between traffic and swiped my front driver's side wheel. Any other vehicle and there might have been some body damage. That being said, I didn't catch the license plate of the car as it sped off. Anyone have a good dash cam they prefer...