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  1. Upgraded Instrument Cluster - 3.5" to 7" Easy!

    To follow up on the mileage correction, I swapped the cluster on my JLU and had Instrument Cluster Store correct the mileage on mine. Three years ago it was about $120 and a week to turn around. I had them set mine to a higher mileage than I estimated I’d be at then drove to that mileage and...
  2. Proximity entry problems

    Just pull the caps and swap them side to side, see if the problem moves. The caps have been a common problem. Gregj
  3. Texas Hydro Blue dash panels

    Thanks Jonathan!
  4. Texas Hydro Blue dash panels

    Yes Sir. Gregj
  5. Texas Sold: Hydro Blue dash panels

    Sold my Gladiator and looking to sell my painted dash, $200 shipped OBO. Painted by local shop. Gregj
  6. fender questions for LED

    The Gen 2 Morimotos seem to to be plug and play now. I would assume the Quake’s are too. Gregj
  7. Proximity door locks retrofit on Wrangler/Gladiator, someone figured it out (DIY writeup)

    If you have the 8.4 radio it may take a bit for it to show up in the settings. Gregj
  8. Broke my first thing....

    Ha! We must be some kind of Special! Gregj
  9. What is this footwell green LED light?

    I had that problem but turns out I just had to loosen the foil in my hat. Gregj
  10. Automated car wash issue

    That's funny because most of the Dealers around here have a car wash on site and will wash your car before they give it back to you after service. Gregj
  11. Automated car wash issue

    What I experience in my Gladiator is the roller bumps the tire and it rolls forward but does not hit the roller in front of it, then it stops and waits for the roller to catch up, gets bumped and the cycle repeats. By LIGHTLY setting the E-Brake it prevents the free roll and stop and insures an...
  12. Automated car wash issue

    Same issue with mine, I just pull up on the Emergency Brake a couple/few clicks, problem solved. Gregj eta: they seem to roll really easily, my Wrangler with BFG A/T's doesn't do it.
  13. Proximity door locks retrofit on Wrangler/Gladiator, someone figured it out (DIY writeup)

    Those are the ones. Should be good to go. Gregj
  14. Fake trim levels?

    I painted mine silver, if a Rubicon can have red and a Mohave can have orange a Overland can have silver! Gregj
  15. Fake trim levels?

    DO IT! That would look Cool!
  16. Fake trim levels?

    OMG! It even has Rubi Flares! And Springs! And Gladiator Rubicon Shocks! and a Sky One Touch top now too! The Horror!
  17. Issue with Proximity Keyless Entry

    Benny from AllMoparParts posted there was a batch of caps with a problem with the magnet in them, try swapping them side to side and see if the problem moves with them. Gregj
  18. Fake trim levels?

    Man, seeing all the irritation in this thread my JL will probably make heads explode! Gregj
  19. Proximity door locks retrofit on Wrangler/Gladiator, someone figured it out (DIY writeup)

    I can’t help but think something is wrong with his Jeep. David63 over on the JL Forum is having the same issue when nearly everyone else’s works. I think something is wrong in the can bus communication as David’s system seems to be talking to the different modules but the unlock command just...