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  1. I’m Knit picking but Really ??

    Ordered from a supplier and once the proof is approved, it probably won’t be rejected unless it is completely illegible
  2. Are the days of Gladiators holding their values gone?

    Broncos helped push Wrangler selling prices up because you couldn’t get a Bronco. That lack of availability probably drove people planning on buying a Bronco to the Jeep as well. Agree with the doors /top comment, but there are a lot of Gladiators and Wranglers that rarely see the tops...
  3. Are the days of Gladiators holding their values gone?

    The market is correcting from the stupid conditions the past couple of years and dealers/manufacturers have to do something to counter interest rates. That said, I would fully expect Gladiator values to take a hit with the new Ranger and new Colorado/Canyon coming out. They will likely be much...
  4. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    I would second this. Don’t move here! Tags are cheap, but vary from county to counting if a wheel tax is applied. Sales tax is ridiculously high and if people would stop moving here property taxes would stop rising. Just got my re-appraisal the other day, the county is telling me my house...
  5. Tonneau or not tonneau

    I have the same setup on mine and have been very happy with it. I am thinking about swapping out the rubber mat with a Bedrug though.
  6. New Gladiator Software Update Prompt

    I did the update and still have no idea what it does/did.
  7. Garage door opener

    I got all three of mine working. Seems like I had to press the Homelink buttons in the Jeep twice to get them programmed. The instructions in the Jeep manual suck, if memory serves me correctly. It came across as if you could skip a step if you have a newer opener, but you can’t.
  8. Bestop SunRider for Hardtop - How Noisy?

    I have the twill and didn’t even realize it had a lifetime warranty. Good to know……and maybe I need to read those descriptions a little closer! 😂
  9. Bestop SunRider for Hardtop - How Noisy?

    No personal experience, but I think the guys on TFL Truck took one through an automated car wash with no issues.
  10. Bestop SunRider for Hardtop - How Noisy?

    Twill is thicker, so in theory a little quieter.
  11. Bestop SunRider for Hardtop - How Noisy?

    Jeeps are noisy. With the Sunrider closed, I think it’s slightly louder than with the freedom panels on. With it open, the only difference I noticed is some slight buffeting when it was new. The more I used it, that decreased, I’m guessing just the way it folded back when new. Again, just a...
  12. State Farm and Progressive Refuse to Insure Easy to Steal Vehicles

    Refusing to insure in some areas. It’s not an across the board issue.
  13. UPDATE 2023 Mojave not start?

    No idea on the starting issue, but it’s new, so let the dealer worry about it. The auto stop/start apparently has a bunch of factors that determine when it works. Mine works about half of the time and says it’s not ready the other half. I have three cars with the feature, hate it on all of...
  14. It's a Good Thing They're Not Puppies

    Ceramic coat it and they come off much easier. Just make sure it’s VERY clean before you do it.
  15. JT a sales failure & doomed to same fate as the Scrambler?

    Wrangler sales last year seemed to be more constrained by availability than was the case with the Gladiator. That said, I think Gladiator success/failure is area specific. I’m in TN and see Gladiators everywhere. There are three in my neighborhood of about 18 houses.
  16. Do I really need/want a bed cover?

    I believe TFL Truck did this test a couple of months ago and saw an increase in MPG as well.
  17. It this rust normal?

    I have a little starting on my ‘22 and the doors have never been off. Seems this is just another horrible Jeep paint quality issue. Picking up some Fluid Film tomorrow as someone suggested in this thread, but will also be bringing it up when I go in for the next service.
  18. Anything that will help maintain visibility?

    +1 for ceramic coating. Just make sure the windows are clean and without water spots before you do. Adams has some specific for windows that doesn’t require 24 hrs of cure time.
  19. MPG going down?

    Agree. I typically get 18-20 in the summer and struggle to break 17 in the winter.
  20. Is it just me or does this truck have the thinnest coat of clear coat ever

    Different plants, different paint facilities and processes. Spent years in the auto industry, the differences from plant to plant can be mind boggling. It would be like saying the paint on a VW is as good as a Porsche because they are all Volkswagen Group brands. Take it to a good detail shop...