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  1. Mindless

    Sure hope this thread is fun!
  2. That’s What She Said (twss)

    I asked old Maud how she lost her husband. She told me her sad story… "Well, he needed a blood transfusion, but his blood type was not on record, so the doctors asked me if I knew what it was, as they urgently needed to know, in order to save my Norman's life. Tragically, I've never known his...
  3. That’s What She Said (twss)

    Can I-help You? ( Twss ) Stop distracting me! I REALLY WANNA HELP? (TWSS) go pick up some brews? sure hope this thread fun! ( TWIS )
  4. Say Something about the Person above.

    ^ Her, “can i help you?” him, “sure!” Her, “what cha want me to do?” Him, “stop distracting me.” Her, “I really want to help?” Him, “This is really heavy an if I drop it a. Lots of bad things will happen!” HER, “WELL; I STILL WANT TO HELP YOU!” Him, “will you go to town and get a 30 pack of brews?”
  5. Say Something about the Person above.

    ↑ Writes his Jeep Memoirs in Braile as they had yelled at him "are you blind" as he tried to cross the face of the cliff in his ! → still has the doors and tops sitting against the wall behind his couch in whats left of what was once a great living space.
  6. Say Something about the Person above.

    ↑ is house bound and binge watching old B&W movies ! MT Bags of Microwave popcorn litter his living room floor
  7. Whatcha Sippin On?

    And some Bud's
  8. Say Something about the Person above.

    ^WORKS on his yard and the neighbor comes out to talk. She complains a lot about her yard. Oh Well who cares !
  9. Say Something about the Person above.

    ^found spring 60's this week and feels____ ↑Special ↨
  10. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Summer here, Mmmmm! Jeep Gladiator seems Good idea ! Mmmm !
  11. Whatcha Sippin On?

    Got a 12 pk. of Corona Extra and some Limes today. yummy ! Maybe, most likely couple shots of Cuervo later also.
  12. Whatcha Sippin On?

    Spaghetti dinner and a Corona
  13. Say Something about the Person above.

    ^Thinks it is daytime standing ↑ out in fresh snow tonight
  14. Whatcha Sippin On?

    The name makes me puke ! Throwing chunks on the couch as I wretch :jk:
  15. Whatcha Sippin On?

    Hazelnut coffee and Honey, its near 5 AM !
  16. Humor

    Same for Bill C. and Hillery at a dump in Clinton. She ties on her Nike's and retorts, "by bill" and splits from the bears at the dumpsters.