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  1. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Us outside of Capitan NM
  2. So, it’s not a Jeep if it’s not dirty?

    Funny...just dropped a work buddy at the airport and he said next time I wanna see that jeep dirty!
  3. What did you do TO your Gladiator today? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    Made my own headliners front rear and even made some side panels.
  4. Lift Install Austin

    Thanks all for the responses. Thanks jeepers29 I messaged you!
  5. Lift Install Austin

    Going to do my first JKS 3.5" lift install, anyone in the Austin Area with who has done it before that might be able to provide some guidance or might be willing to assist?
  6. Anyone running the JKS 3.5 inch lift kit.

    Good to know thanks for posting up. I'll likely go Clayton or Metal Cloak when the time comes. Did the fixed arms also fail or just the adjustables?
  7. Anyone running the JKS 3.5 inch lift kit.

    Kind of makes me question my purchase now. I didn't get the arms just the relocation bracket. Other than the arms how has the lift been?
  8. Anyone running the JKS 3.5 inch lift kit.

    Yes, but included shock extensions so I really didn't want to mess with those and I haven't decided what shocks I want to run.
  9. Can't decide on 2" or 3" Lifts

    So I pulled the trigger on the JKS lift last night! Just going to run their J-Spec Shocks till I figure out a shock combo.
  10. Anyone running the JKS 3.5 inch lift kit.

    So joined the JKS Club today and ordered my J-Kontrol Lift with JSPEC Shocks. It gives me the correction brackets and I can upgrade control arms and shocks later. I will likely go with something other than FOX. (Likely Bilsteins)
  11. ZE2 Tail Gate Latch Recall

    I received the same notice the other day. Need to make the appointment as well.
  12. Texas Rubi takeoffs

    Modular bumper or regular?
  13. Level with springs, possibly overextending shocks?

    Unfortunately no answer on the shocks. but I do have a question regarding the Clayton Level...Did you just get the springs or did you use the full 1.5" level from Clayton? Is the rear level or did you have to add spacers?
  14. Pentastar 3.6 Recall On Lash Adjusters, Allegedly

    I wonder if this fading rattle noise isn't the same as the tick. Logic would make one think that lifter tick would remain and not disappear after warm up. But I'm not a mechanic, maybe someone with more experience with the tick can jump in.
  15. Pentastar 3.6 Recall On Lash Adjusters, Allegedly

    Interesting, I have a rattle that I can hear in the cab at cold start up when I accelerate but I can't hear it by hanging my head out the window. It disappears after warmed up, like yours no noise at all.
  16. Chris's Sport S Max Tow - Boring Daily 'Build'

    I like your watching your approach to this build. Quick question, which Teraflex leveling did you use. The spacer lift...
  17. Fur Lining

    Initially thought I was going to see something like this: I've heard that if you spray a paper towel with fabric softner the hair will wipe up or perhaps you could use something like this...
  18. Grrrrrr I should sell my jeep..

    I've done both when deployed. Left a vehicle with a family member when I deployed for a year they were supposed to drive it but when I got back it was in the same place I parked it with vines growing up through the ac vents. The second year long deployment I just sold my car and and went my...
  19. Anyone have a Gorilla Glass windshield that cracked almost instantly?

    They replaced mine with GG as well. If they weren't paying for it I wouldn't have bothered. But the JT came with it and I wanted like replacement. Ultimately, I'll pay for it in the monthly rider $10 but that is an easier pill to swallow.
  20. Clayton Off Road JT Suspension Systems

    Hi James, Sent you a PM on the COR Profile.