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  1. Rare colors

    Bring back Slate.
  2. The $17 Work/Camp Light from Lowes

    you are just full of awesome ideas
  3. Texas Check In

    Absolutely love the rack. No issues on the trails super easy to install and well built.
  4. For Sale, Lightly Modded Gladiator

    Looks like they went to every mod site and bought one of everything.
  5. Has anyone moved the windshield washer nozzles?

    What are you talking about??? We get a solid 1/4” of rain every 5 years lol. Thanks for the input though, that’s exactly what I was thinking about doing.
  6. Has anyone moved the windshield washer nozzles?

    I have a Hi Lift jack hood mounted, and was thinking of moving the windshield washer nozzles. Wondering if anyone else has done this and what steps they took. Thinking of mounting them directly to the washer arms.
  7. Key Fob Mod

    🤣 facts.
  8. Is LED package worth it? OEM vs Oracle output?

    I had the stock halogens and my father in law has the factory LED on his JL. the Oracles have a further distance and are brighter in my opinion.
  9. Texas Check In

    Haven’t updated in a while. since last posting changed the stock bumper for a Smittybilt stubby 12k smittybilt winch Added another controller to the Oculus lights Dv8 trail bed rack. still toying with how tall I am going with the lift and tires.
  10. Texas Check In

    I’m in SA. Close to China Grove.
  11. Oracle Oculus Bi LED Headlight replacements?

    I had halogens Used the BC1 controllers( have 2) I ran straight to the Battery Did you sync the controllers on the Oracle app? They are Bluetooth so you also need to make sure on your phone that the Bluetooth is on.
  12. OK ....What’s HER name ....or HIS

    Sting gray named GHOSTRIDER
  13. Saw my first of the new Broncos today.

    To me it looks like someone stuck a compressor in a Ford Flex and forgot to turn it off and everything bubbled out
  14. STING GRAY Gladiator JT Club

    I think they came out Awesome.
  15. San Antonio

    What time is everyone going to meet? I am planning on showing up.
  16. San Antonio

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about SAJE, but agree with @Crazy Jeep.
  17. San Antonio

    Nice! I am going to check out SAJC, looking for a club that’s family friendly for sure.
  18. San Antonio

    Did a little “snow wheeling” they just got a dusting and we found a short very easy 6-8 mile trail. More scenic than anything.
  19. San Antonio

    The Mountains were calling so the family and I drove from SA to Arizona