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  1. California Want to buy: Black passenger freedom panel

    https://atlanta.craigslist.org/nat/pts/d/gainesville-jeep-wranglerjl-passenger/7618940482.html Maybe would ship?
  2. Colorado SOLD SOLD

    Not sure if it’s rollable or something to ship easily.. would be interested. Shouldn’t be too heavy.
  3. Gladiator round 2

    Came out pretty good. Would like to have gotten one more coat but ran out of material. Have about 100$ in materials so still not too bad all things considered. You can see inside the bed in the dark with with bed cover installed.
  4. Gladiator round 2

    5% on back, 25% on front doors, 35% windshield with 20% strip Also swapped out the mopar steel bumper and installed Rigid 20” bar with their mount for OEM steel bumper. Now to find some fogs that fit
  5. Gladiator round 2

    Well got a couple things going this week. bed steps from MORE went on super easy. 2 bolts on each side. You need socket and open wrench. Definitely nice to not be trying to climb rock rail and slip… https://mountainoffroad.com/collections/jeep/products/copy-of-jeep-jl-hide-a-step-powder-coated
  6. Pennsylvania $100 Bestop Blk Diamond Roll Soft Tonneau

    Bump wishing you were closer
  7. North Carolina Rusty's Offroad Winch Plate $150 - Charlotte, NC

    Does it include fair lead plate and hardware? Thx!
  8. Georgia WTT - Trade AFE Rock Basher Exhaust for Stock Exhaust

    Wish you weren’t quite so far. Wonder if you travel into SC or Nc at all?
  9. West Virginia 813 Compressor Mount Under seat

    Just confirming, Single air kit and universal switch plate with air chuck cut out?
  10. North Carolina WTB $50,000 Budget

    Oh gotcha. I assumed new for some reason lol.
  11. North Carolina WTB $50,000 Budget

    OTD at 49 with manufacturer warranty … I’d go with that vs used personally. Good luck either way!
  12. New Mexico $200 Teraflex bed rail system with tie downs

    Shipping or not worth shipping deal wise? Wasn’t sure if weight of them would be bad.
  13. 2022 Rubicon - Pricing in March of 2023

    Probably not a demo with 480 miles. OP says it came from another dealer so probably miles from the dealer transfer. They don’t ship them. Driver brings one and drives other back. I’ve bought a few vehicles this way. Warranty and everything starts from your mileage at purchase so no worries...
  14. BLACK Gladiator JT Club

    Wheels came in today. Probably need a small lift…springs and shocks and control arms… and track bars.. errm small lift. Yes. Lol
  15. Gladiator round 2

    “Rotated the tires” shhh they look the same right?? Lol.
  16. 2.5 Readylift SST spacer lift - Question

    I would do it all at one time. Too many overlapping steps to do it separately. Definitely will need jack stands as high as you can get. You may need a ratchet strap to pull axle to line up bolt holes. Sometimes things shift while doing it on the ground. For sure can do it with basic tools and by...
  17. Gladiator bed same Dims as other trucks? Wondering if used Truck Caps are out there & will fit

    I’ve found Usually the bed rails are different. Even my Chevy 3500 will only fit it specifically. It is 8’ and a dually. I thought I could get a cover off any 8’ bed, but the rails are wider and have a lip. I have cover on my s-10 that’s a service truck cover. It doesn’t line up perfectly but...
  18. Delaware AJT Designs Red Key Fob Cover (FREE*)

    If it falls through I’ll waitlist lol