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  1. New Jersey SOLD Rubicon Gladiator takeoffs for sale

    ARIZONA Set of 5 LE rubicon tires and wheels no sensors $1400 also have stock LE suspension with shocks $500 north Scottsdale 602-432-8226
  2. Rock Slide Engineering Spy Photos

    $2199.00 for the JT plus door switches
  3. Things I don’t like about my new Gladiator

    Yes out in Arizona we think a/c seats are way better than heated seats sucks it’s not an option
  4. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    I have a set of LE takeoffs with 10 miles on them any offers? Looking for about $1500. In Arizona
  5. Post your 2020 JT Gladiator build status

    Mine hit town today only 2weeks later than they said, It’s a white LE. Mods will take about 4 days so probably see it next week.
  6. Project #ARMCANDY Gladiator Build

    How do you like the nitto tires? Is the noise level ok on the road? I was going with km3 but your right the tire size at 35” looks great.
  7. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    What is the offset on that wheel? Looks great!
  8. What about a Gladiator flatbed

    Can someone create a gladiator flatbed use only aluminum to keep the weight down.
  9. What about a Gladiator flatbed

    how much plywood could you haul if you had a flatbedi? Thanks
  10. BRIGHT WHITE Gladiator JT Club

    What size tires are you running ?
  11. Firestone Destination M/T2

    Thanks for the info I think I’ll go with something a little quieter also.
  12. Firestone Destination M/T2

    Has anyone run this tire? I’m thinking about this tire for my LE when it gets here.
  13. Freedom Top Heat

    According to studies in Arizona they found the interior color of a vehicle has more impact on temperature rise than the exterior
  14. Freedom Top Heat

    A dark interior color will heat up faster than a light color. Living in Arizona we know one thing, after time all colors will reach the same temp it’s just how fast it gets there.
  15. Adaptive cruise control.

    It’s the feel of control you need to get use to, but once you do it’s great. I agree some of the sensor locations are a bit obtrusive, but it’s such a great feature once you can trust it. I find driving in traffic much less stressful when using acc it reacts way faster than we can.
  16. Gears for 37" tires

    Thanks that’s great info I believe I’ll go with 4.88 and 37” most 4w is below 5000 ft in Arizona
  17. Gears for 37" tires

    My JKU is a 2013 automatic with a 3.6. I had a 2006 with the straight 6 that was a great motor. I used the chart back when I did my 2013 just didn’t know if the 8 speed tranny would make 4.56 a better all around choice for 37s
  18. Gears for 37" tires

    What is the best ratio for gears with 37" tires? I have 35" on my JKU with 4:56 gears and it's a great combo.So i'm thinking I would use 4:88 for the 37" tires on my Gladiator.