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  1. Hit and run in front of the house

    Had a hit and run in front of the house on the 18th. This is what my security cameras caught. Camera 3 decided at the time to do a double image. This is hoe easy it is to flip a Jeep. The driver walked away. She is ok.
  2. P0192 Code

    I have gotten this P0192 code (Fuel rail pressure sensor circuit low input) 4 times since the beginning of the year. When it pops up. There is no change in how the engine runs, until today. I can clear the code with my Banks IDash Gauge. But today, I also had the Service Throttle Body Warning...
  3. ZE2 Tail Gate Latch Recall

    I got a notice for the ZE2 recall on the Jeep last week, and got a letter this past week on the recall. I made an appointment for this morning when I got the notice on the app. It takes about 45 minutes to do the recall. They replace the Tailgate Controller in the tail gate. This is for the...
  4. KLM Stainless Brake Lines

    If anyone is in the market for stainless steel brake lines. You can't go wrong with KLM. I have used them on a couple of different trucks. Never had a issue with them. I'm planning on getting a set for my JT. You can any length, plus different colors...
  5. Inside a 2G Ecodiesel.

    Here's a video of a guy rebuilding his 2G Eco. Has some interesting stuff in it.
  6. JKS Adjustable Coil Spring Spacer With Bump Stop

    JKS Adjustable Coil Spring Spacer With Bump Stop. Anyone have it installed? Pro's/Con's? Looks like you can adjust the spring height to level from side to side and raise the front up for a winch and bumper. Plus it's a hydraulic bump stop. It's pricy...
  7. Rausch Creek videos

    A couple of video's from my last visit to Rausch Creek. i was hanging out with the power Wagon guys. Had trouble with my GoPro. It bricked on me a couple of times. Most of the video's where shot with a Garmin Virb.
  8. Pennsylvania Blue Ox tow bar and accessories for sale.

    Have for sale. New, all of this would be over $3,200.00. Asking $1,500.00 1. Blue Ox tow bar, 10,000 lb rating, for 2" recover hitch. 2. Patriot Brake System with remote. 3. 10,000 lb Safety Cables. 4. Stone Guard for tow bar. 5. Accessory Kit. 6. Bumper Adapters for Shackle on Bumper. 7/8"...
  9. Ugly Jeep

    Ok.......I had to do it. Start an "Ugly Jeep" thread. Sorry, someone had to do it. With some of the recent posts with ugly Jeeps in them. First up.
  10. Clayton Front Springs for the JTRD Bottoming issue.

    I'm Beta testing Clayton front springs for the JTRD bottoming issue. Have 200 miles on them now. The ride is bit firmer. The wifey really didn't notice the difference. Driving on the same roads and speeds where it would bottom. It doesn't now. I'm pleased with the results. The factory shocks...
  11. Uconnect and Vehicle Health Report

    How often does Uconnect update the vehicle health report? When I first got my JT. It up-dated in 14 days. It now has gone on for 28 days now. Any ideas?
  12. Rusty PW Journal

    Ordered a 2022 Pearl Blue Rubi with most of the options. Lets see how long it takes to get here Trading in my love, a 2008 Power Wagon. It's got a case of rust cancer. I've done most of the trails in Moab with it. Been there 5 times with it. And the trails at Rausch Creek. Go there every year...