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  1. Is Jeep going to have to build a super Gladiator?

    Why are the biggest competitors unleashing these powerful new engines then? Toyota is a far more global brand than Jeep.
  2. Is Jeep going to have to build a super Gladiator?

    Emphasized the exact issue with Jeep, and Jeep owner's tendency for apologism. Hear me out. "Works just fine" is what I'd say buying a used car within a budget. That is not exciting. 16 mpg, 260 hp sucks. While my engine is reliable, my god it's slow, it's inefficient, and it doesn't make...
  3. Is Jeep going to have to build a super Gladiator?

    Out perform? How? On 33s? With a 2012 engine? No trail dig? No underbody cameras? The features on these new trucks make gladiators look like 1990s era tech. Absolutely nothing special to them technology wise. I say that like a father who wants his kids to simply be better, and call a spade...
  4. Jeep's Autonomous Off-Road Driving Tech Testing at Moab

    Ya'll are missing the point. No one is asking for this, and I suspect no one would want it. I imagine they are doing it just to see if it works. Which, as it were, is pretty much how every piece of technology was invented, ever. Like the robot dog thing. Honestly I'd be curious to see...
  5. 2024 Tacoma - Here’s The New Competition! 🥊 Hybrid Model Added 🔋

    To be sure, Toyota is in the business of selling trucks. The current Tacoma outsold Gladiators at a 3 to 1 ratio in 2022, and this is set to continue that trend. The toyota is going to be vastly more appealing to many people in this market. While I prefer a SAS myself, I'd also prefer IFS for...
  6. 2024 Tacoma - Here’s The New Competition! 🥊 Hybrid Model Added 🔋

    Let's call a spade a spade. This thing blows the gladiator away. The pentastar might as well be a carbureted flat 6 from the 50s at this point. The ranger raptor, zr2, and this are far and away the leaders of the pack. The Jeeps' diesel is dead, and the 2024 crop of midsize trucks are going...
  7. Gladiator 5:13 Gearing quotes

    It is NOT the diff cover that is the problem.
  8. Gladiator 5:13 Gearing quotes

    Total? With parts? I don't even know how they got a profit off that if true. I used (@ wholesale pricing) Dana Spicer gears, master install kits front and rear, with oil, and I was sitting at/around $900. In my my own shop with my own lift. They cut costs somewhere to get that price...
  9. Gladiator 5:13 Gearing quotes

    I did mine myself and it took me three days. You don't want the cheapest bid in this instance. It's a lot of work, that you want done correctly and not quickly. Even with wholesale pricing I was still at $900 in parts before we picked up a wrench, so thousands of dollars for the whole deal...
  10. Powering a dashcam ?

    Jeep definitely needs to take a page from the Bronco book and run power to the dash.
  11. Powering a dashcam ?

    I tapped directly into my auto-dimming rear view mirror power. Undo the plastic trim piece behind the mirror, clip the wires, connect the converter (12v to 5v microUSB), and it turns on/off with ignition. The trim piece won't fit in there as well as it did before, but the camera is behind the...
  12. best tie rod / drag link

    My stock bars are holding up strong with 37s. A lot better than the JK's.
  13. Who Wants to Compare Personal Property Taxes? [ADMIN WARNING: NO POLITICS]

    It's $700 a year more or less to register the gladiator in CA.
  14. how bad is the fuel mileage with 37" tires

    4.88 gears, nearly 100% city driving- 14.7
  15. Value of used super charger? Remove before trading in?

    If there is ever a "red flag" purchase in life, it would be a used, take off supercharger.
  16. How bad is a MT to AT swap?

    There is no way to do this in a cost or time effective manner.
  17. Finally installed Desert Does It short seat jackers

    My wife did not like them when I installed on the passenger seat.
  18. There's a Clever Phone Mount

    CMM grab bar bolt is much better, imo.
  19. Manual Sucks

    I felt the JK was fine, but the clutch uptake in a JL I sat in was abysmal. I'm glad I didn't assume it would be the same as the JK. The auto, by comparison, is an absolutely fantastic transmission. It's the first automatic I've owned in about 6 vehicles.