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    I thought it was Captain Kangaroo, after he discovered meth and strippers……
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    This reminds me of when I was growing up on the west coast. My dad, mom, and I were fishing off of the Newport Beach pier one night. Huge signs all over, “No overhead casting”. First thing my dad did, was rear that thing back to overhead cast, and caught some poor dude behind us in the shoulder...
  5. Iowa Post Office Wants Customers To Raise Their Mailboxes 😄

    This is funny. I’ve had my box in the exact same spot for almost 45 years. The illustration shown above is the national standard from the Post Office. I’ve had to replace several boxes over the years, due to idiots doing “batting practice”, or just plain running off the road and tearing them up...
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    looks like she went to Taco Bell for dinner……….
  7. It blows my mind that some car owners never change the oil in their cars

    My daughter is like that. She bought an extra Crown Vic from me a few years ago, and I tried to emphasise the fact that, at least once a week, to check oil and fluids, and I would check out anything low or leaky. It was a low mileage car, about 90,000 miles on it. A few months later, she called...
  8. End caps for roof rails

    Yes, I explored that option. However, it’s not worth a couple hundred bucks, to me, just to have them “finished”. I’m sure I, or someone on this forum may have a solution. It’s nothing major, just sort of like seeing a crooked picture.
  9. End caps for roof rails

    Yes, but I haven’t heard back from them in over a month.Thanks.
  10. End caps for roof rails

    I’m hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. I’ve reached out to my local Leer dealer, who didn’t have an answer. I’m trying to find some end caps for the roof tracks that came on my topper. I’ve also tried E-Trailer, and bought a couple of different ones to try, but they don’t fit...
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    Several years ago, my wife and I were discussing getting a bull calf to raise, and eventually process for the meat. My oldest daughter, about 12 at the time, asked why we didn’t buy meat at the grocery store, and save a cow……
  12. Your Other Jeep

    I had a ‘74 CJ5 back in the day. Here’s our two current other Jeep’s, besides the JT. ‘46 CJ2A, and ‘06 Grand Cherokee. And, of course, our JT.
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  14. OEM break fluid ?

    J Just a blunt FYI…….Shadowspapa knows his shit. He’s probably like me, has forgotten more than most of the younger generations will ever know.
  15. OEM break fluid ?

    Yep, the reason I keep a Turkey Baster in my tool box.
  16. Gladiator Welcome Camping Spots -- For and From Site Members

    A lot of rest areas only let you park for 2-4 hours, to keep people from taking up long term stopovers.
  17. Expanding crack on windshield. Options?

    Drill a 1/4” hole at the bottom of the crack, and it will quit “running”. Seriously, depending on your state, you may get free glass replacement through your insurance company. Otherwise, I’d find a good independent glass company, and have it replaced. Sometimes a crack will go ahead and...
  18. Dealer didn’t put oil in after changing filter?

    Another piece of useless trivia: my dad sold David Pearson what was to become his first race car, back when they were really young….
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    That’s funny as hell. Four more, and he’d be an ace!