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  1. Tazer Dark Mode Not Working

    First thought before grabbing the manual is did you do a full reboot after changing the setting?
  2. $150 for a map update??

    Not sure I've used the stock Nav system, Satellite/FM radio in nearly two years since I got the wireless Android Auto set up. Once I start the JT, Android Auto replaces my screen and it's all I need.
  3. Line X fender flares?

    I did this on my last JKU after numerous Jeeps and every plastic part fading over time. Had matte black Line X with UV protection applied by a local company that specialized in Line X applications. They removed the fenders, prepped and did the application. The guy I worked with mentioned that...
  4. Cup holder is in the way! Anyone removed their cup holder to gain foot space?

    Jeep doesn’t put cup holders in the doors because the doors come off and then no cup holders. There’s a safety law issue with cup holders in a fold down middle seat/armrest that prohibit Jeep from doing that due to cost and issues with seats and being able to remove the roof.
  5. Door Air Leak

    Couple things to check. Ensure the door latch striker is seated firmly, or hasn’t moved. That’s the metal piece bolted to the B pillar that the door latch locks onto. Ensure your door hinges haven’t shifted, and that the door pins are seated completely in the hinges. Your checking that the...
  6. Installing 8.4 uconnect navigation in my 2020 Gladiator Sport S?

    The UConnect units in the 2020 were the 8.4”, 7” and 5”. Do you mean the 5”? By Chrysler ‘not backing this up’ are you referring to warranty if they do the install? Normally, the dealership will not warranty an upgrade from a UConnect 3 to a 4C which the 8.4” runs.
  7. Tail lights not working properly

    surprised it passed a safety inspection with no working tail lights unless you signed off on the liability. I suppose if it’s loose, maybe it worked when they went over the vehicle. I’d just take it back and have them either fix it with a loaner in the meantime or return it as nonfunctional. 8)
  8. Oracle reverse lights, now mysterious bulb out warning

    yeah, that’s probably my option. I’ve been looking at those brake light led strips that go on the bottom edge of the tailgate that have the harness for the tow plug. Feel better tapping with something that isnt oem. I had some bad experiences with taps and losing important lights like turn...
  9. Oracle reverse lights, now mysterious bulb out warning

    Same result after a couple weeks. Used the harness and it stopped working regardless of how tight the plugs were connected. Didn’t want to use the taps, may just sell it off to someone who doesn’t mind tapping into the oem wiring.
  10. IPhone disconnects from Jeep

    I’ve noticed a couple problems with the standard Jeep JT/TJ style dash and center console system over a half dozen I’ve tested. —The dash USB ports provide the highest and most consistent power —All the other ports, moving towards the back become increasingly inconsistent. So, in order is the...
  11. Way to lock MANUAL windows?

    Remove the cranks for the kids windows. Harbor freight sells a tool package for windows and doors that has the tool. Then just YouTube the how-to.
  12. NEW: Rear Bumper Reverse LED Lights for Jeep Gladiator

    In my case, it may have been other work I’d done with LEDs or just coincidence. I went through and reconnected everything between tests so a connection may have not that 1/4 turn/push tight the first time through. Now that everything is done. They work fine. They randomly cause my passenger...
  13. NEW: Rear Bumper Reverse LED Lights for Jeep Gladiator

    Filled out a Tech support ticket with Oracle. Here’s what’s going on so far. Had no real issues installing everything. The P&P harness makes it pretty easy. It seemed to work in the driveway, lights functioned as I reversed up the driveway. Next morning, once into traffic and the Blind Spot...
  14. 2020 Jeep Gladiator - Uconnect no updates for 2 years?

    In a roundabout way OTA updates prevent the necessity for a customer to bring their vehicle into the dealership with any regularity. I’ve recieved two OTA UConnect updates for my 2020 JT in the two years I’ve owned it. They dealership has updated a few things but hasn’t updated the UConnect...
  15. Help with USB staying on with Wireless android auto

    There’s a setting in the AAWireless app to turn it off when it detects the vehicle is off. It’ll ping UConnect until it stops getting a response and then shut down after a pause.
  16. NEW: Rear Bumper Reverse LED Lights for Jeep Gladiator

    Ordered Nov 29/21 , arrived by UPS Feb 11/22. Finally the Canadian weather and my free time coincided and installed the Backup lights today. Going on an LED equipped JT. I‘d watched a few install videos so I knew what to expect and everything went pretty much according to plan. Got the P&P...
  17. Seat Pucker on leather seats

    If it's cold outside, the leather they use won't bounce back to original. Not sure if the OP is living in winter conditions right now but we've noticed this happening for years with the leather seats. During the more frigid months, they tend to be a bit rumpled even coming off the line and...
  18. Audio Popping/Crackling Mystery

    My first instinct is to think it’s a short somewhere audio wise that’s causing the sound issue when a system in the vehicle is being run that shuts off after a period of time. Something like the Auto setting for Climate that changes depending on the interior temp by altering or stopping a...
  19. Who has the lowest mileage on their JT?

    5/10/2020 with 8077miles
  20. First time through a car wash with the premium soft top

    The detergents the touchless car washes use, at least in my area did some horrible things to soft tops in my experience. I hand wash in the months where that's possible and have the luxury of a hard top to switch to for the winter. My neighbour and I got JKs at roughly the same time with soft...