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  1. TrailRax Gull Wing Bed Rack is on sale! 10% OFF

    Right now till the end of September! 10% OFF and Free Shipping If you have any questions, reach out to us at [email protected] or visit us at TrailRax.com for more details.
  2. Save 10%- 4th of July Sale at TrailRax

    Save 10% now at TrailRax.com on our Pak Rax and Gullwing bed rack lines! Visit TrailRax.com to get in on the savings! from now till July 10th, 10 days of saving 10%! Happy 4th of July from the TrailRax team! extend your adventure with our products! If you have any questions feel free to reach...
  3. TrailRax Gull-Wing Bed Rack Is Now Available For Pre-Order!!

    Get your Bed Rack ordered now! only 22 left in stock out of the 25 we have available! Ordering only opened at 10 AM MT! Get in on this before they are gone and the wait becomes longer. View this Gullwing Gladiator bed rack's thread here Visit our website via this link: TrailRax
  4. TrailRax Bed Rack Coming Soon

    Be sure to check out our recent thread regarding our NEW bed rack. Releasing soon! all the details can be found in the link below. https://www.jeepgladiatorforum.com/forum/threads/trailrax-bed-rack-name-tbd.40876/
  5. ORP and backup camera does not work (accidentally pulled radio fuse)

    We were working on our Gladiator today and accidentally pulled the fuse to the radio. I am thinking it tripped the system a bit and has to reset. I have read a ton of forums on the backup camera issues but wanted to see if anyone has experience with this situation. We accidentally removed the...