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  1. Trade black seats for tan

    Curious if any rubicon owner with the tan leather seats would be interested in trading for black?

    Interested if other deal falls through
  3. Bed cover and liner(weather tech)

  4. Doing my own oil change

    The oem filter is China made as well from what I’ve seen. This is the link to the one in question. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B096WWW7W4/ref=ox_sc_act_image_2?smid=A27IY75NCCCJM1&psc=1
  5. Doing my own oil change

    Please help me verify I have the right material
  6. Washington Sold: Metal Cloak TB bracket

    Selling a new TB bracket and sector shaft brace as a package deal. Bought then changed my mind. $220
  7. Washington Bed cover and liner

    $700 bump
  8. Post your Gladiator takeoffs here!

    Rubicon EcoDiesel springs/shocks $200 Stock rock sliders $80
  9. Washington Bed cover and liner

    $800 TTT
  10. Washington Bed cover and liner

    TTT. Possible trades aftermarket rear bumper or ARB compressor.
  11. Washington WTB Takeoffs 33" tires

    I have a set of falkens if interested
  12. Fog light switch

    I lost my factory fog lights with the addition of my stubby bumper, looking for an alternative use for this switch. Ideas are appreciated
  13. Washington Clayton Lift springs and arms

    These still available?
  14. Bed cover and liner(weather tech)

    Selling a weather tech trifold bed cover and bed liner. Located in Oak Harbor.
  15. Washington Sold: Bed cover and liner

    Weathertech low profile hard trifold cover and bed liner. Located in Oak Harbor WA. Asking $1000 for both.
  16. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    Yes they are. They put out plenty of light, my only complaint is the different color they put out compared to my other LEDs, I know it’s by design its just kind of distracting when I turn on the full X-ray lol. I scored some 7” KCs I’m going to mount on the hoop and then move the LP4s to the...
  17. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    Snazzberry and bronze go together like peanut butter and jelly.
  18. Snazzberry Gladiator JT club

    I use Adams mega foam with an Amazon cannon w/upgraded orifice.
  19. Black Rhino wheels (4)