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  1. DV8 Tan Spray Kevlar Coated Gladiator Build [SEMA 2018]

    [/QUOTE Yeah that is along the lines that I was saying. Just harder than normal. The matte tan does look great though and is a great color choice for hiding dirt! I see that Starwood motors starting doing sprinters this way. Saw one in person the other day. Personally I think it looks out of...
  2. BLack Friday /Cyber Monday sales thread

    Its our biggest sale ever! Save hundreds on our most popular JL / Gladiator 9" custom build headlights! Check out all of our deals at www.HIDprojectors.com www.HIDprojectors.com
  3. BLack Friday /Cyber Monday sales thread

    Road Armor told me they are going to have some great sales. I am after their fenders, and maybe the rear bumper with winch.
  4. OFFMAPoverland's Gladiator Rubicon Build & Trip Journal

    Any more pics specifically showing the shell on? From back?
  5. Chasing Dust: In-Depth Look at the Iron Man JT Jeep Gladiator

    What headlights are on this rig? I really liked this build!
  6. OFFMAPoverland's Gladiator Rubicon Build & Trip Journal

    Looks good. What are the wheels?
  7. Bedslide JTR install thread

    Yeah I played with that model. It tripped me out honestly. It really messes with you at full cantilever. Had a fridge and bunch of stuff on it and was super smooth. IDK price though
  8. Bedslide JTR install thread

    Nice. Thanks for sharing. Does this slide all the way out? or can you show it fully extended? Thanks.
  9. Raptor-style grill lights

    AVS 753156 Aeroskin Lightshield Hood Protector for 18-20 Jeep Wrangler JL | Quadratec https://www.quadratec.com/p/autoventshade/aeroskin-lightshield-hood-protector-jeep-wrangler-jl
  10. Flat Tow JK

    Trailers can be heavy. My aluma is under 2k pounds, but that is aluminum.
  11. Metalcloak lift

    I did their 2.5 gamechanger for my jku. back then they used OME shocks. A little rough. There were other companies with shocks valved well for their shocks. Can't remember now. Will try to look next time I get on my desktop.
  12. Metalcloak lift

    Nice. What shocks pair well with the metal cloak?
  13. Metalcloak lift

    So is there any news on the metal cloak 2.5"?
  14. S&B intake + Ram

    Fixed I think. I am not great on the tech... lol.
  15. S&B intake + Ram

    Saw this at SEMA. Didnt see that scoops on their site yet. https://www.sbfilters.com/cold-air-intakes/jeep-wrangler-jl-3-6-intake-75-5121?variant_id=304
  16. Jeep Research Study Participant

    Yeah, first day we had the truck it was torrential downpour and this sucked. Both front door channel the gutter water straight inside. Definitely a design flaw. I believe the JK gutters came farther forward. But this does not happen.
  17. Doetsch Off-Road / Mamba Offroad Gladiator Build [SEMA 2019]

    Would be interesting to see how this how looks without extra stuff in front of the grille. Does the front "fin" halfway down the grille look weird without a winch and bumper hoop in front of it?
  18. BUMPERS!

  19. RSI Smartcap

    That pic is the back of the "commercial" version. No side windows, solid panels. The rear window you see has a metal screen behind it for security. That is the cheaper version.