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  1. Rural internet

    Living out in the middle of nowhere has it's advantages. But one disadvantage is lack of a quality internet provider. I have Hughesnet now and on an average day my download/upload speeds are 6mbs/2mbs. I had ViaSat for a few years and it was no better. Att wireless is not available in my area...
  2. Missfire count using Alfa OBD

    Can it be done? I can't figure it out. I believe someone has logged missfire counts using AlfaOBD, ShadowsPapa I think was the one. I can view gauges log but I don't see misfires as an option.
  3. 1999 Cherokee drive, part or sell as is.

    My son found a 1999 Cherokee 2wd for $500 not running. He wanted it for the 4.0 and the sheetmetal. I went with him to pick it up and sure enough it wasn't going to start for us. We loaded on the trailer and headed home. Yesterday I put a charger on the battery and it came back to life...
  4. Android tablet or Pc laptop use with AlfaOBD

    I am wondering the advantages of using a tablet over a pc laptop besides being able to mount the tablet. I assume you have full function with a touch screen with a large enough display. I have a dedicated laptop for my shop. I was thinking of a dedicated tablet for the Jeeps. I'd like to hear...
  5. IBS reset and charging batteries

    I have the information I need, but I just wanted to let everyone know what I have and how it turns out. Nov 2019 is date on the door tag. Batteries are 3+ years old. I'm not having any issues with the exception of ESS(battery charging). So I thought I'd play around a bit to see who is the...
  6. Member/Threads vanished over night!

    I was reading through a few threads last night when I got tired and pulled the plug. I got up this morning and I couldn't find the thread I was looking at the night before. Poof! Gone! Does the Administrator do that or does the Originator of the thread do that?
  7. Pitch and roll sensor location

    What unit puts out the Pitch and roll information on the off road pages? When new, both displayed 0 and 0. Now I have a 1 degree roll displayed. Last year the radio unit was replaced and I noticed it then. Just curious where the sensor is.
  8. IBS and jump starting another vehicle

    At this moment, I don't appear to have an issue. But I am curious if jump starting another vehicle could affect the IBS. The wife was out with the Gladiator to meet a coworker at the university. When they started to leave, the coworkers battery was dead and they had jumper cables. How handy...
  9. No GPS info no map info after radio update

    I finally got around to letting the dealer update the radio in an attempt to correct the poor Bluetooth audio out on cell calls. With that update the GPS is no longer working for obvious reasons the map and compass are no longer working. How do I get the GPS to function again?
  10. Dealership service, expecting a nightmare.

    I have been wanting to take the JT in for the Bluetooth phone quality issue and for the wandering steering on the highway. It took a week to get a response from the dealer. That was the sales department not service. I called them today and scheduled my appointment for their next opportunity...
  11. Rust! Is it just me?

    The 4 bolts that secure the cowl panel behind the hood, appears to show signs of rust. Don't know if it is the bolts, washers or panel if it is even steel. Anyone else?
  12. 115v bed outlet

    I was planning on installing the oem power outlet in the bed. The only parts that I have been able to find are the plastic nut plates and the screws that mount the outlet. Anyone else having luck ordering the parts needed?
  13. ARB Zero freezer install

    Today I installed an ARB Zero Freezer on a slide in rack on my cargo bed, with the RSI cap installed. Happy with the way it turned out. It does not open all of the way when I slide it out however, but it does if I access it from the side window.
  14. RSI Smart cap arriving tomorrow.

    I am wondering what I am going to run in to with the install. Any one else install theirs?