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  1. Geho Cab Findus camper conversion

    This looks interesting (and expensive). https://www.gehocab.com/index.php/findus “The compact FINDUS living room is designed for robust pickups with a wheelbase of at least 3.25 m. With a cab width of 1.90 m and 4.65 m overall length, it perfectly complements the new JEEP Gladiator, the tried...
  2. Merry Christmas! Gladiator Rescues Santa Claus on Snowy Trail

    Not me, but a fun video from a local (to me) JT owner I follow on YouTube! A few cringe-worthy parts with respect to a bit of a lack of safety, tho. Some great cinematography on this and other videos on his channel, too.
  3. Four Wheel Camper - "Project M"

    Did a search, but couldn't find anything. Has anyone seen this yet? https://fourwheelcampers.com/model/project-m/ They have a model for a 5' bed; pop-up top to provide 6.5' of headroom, cab-over bed and only 400 lbs. Empty shell so you can finish however you want, and starts at < $9k.
  4. Feedback Requested - Custom Slide-In for Overlanding

    @smlobx posted a video in @TJ Mitchell Films thread about a custom bed rack that inspired me to post this idea that I've been thinking about for a while. In that video, there is a company in South Africa that rents overlanding rigs with a slide-in topper/rack: My idea is similar, but only...
  5. FiftyTen Camper/Tray

    Got an extra $33k kicking around? There's also a review on ExPo. https://www.fiftytenusa.com/
  6. GOBI Steath Rack (over cab)

    GOBI is taking pre-orders on their over-cab Steath Roof Rack. Looks like it will hinge back like their JKU/JLU racks to allow the roof to be removed. I like it! :rock: https://www.gobiracks.com/product-category/jeep/gladiator-2019-2020/