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  1. UConnect update download

    Does anyone know where I can download the latest UConnect update? I know of the site where I check with my vin number but it says I’m up to date but it doesn’t give the option to download it. long version - my UConnect system keeps crashing leaving me with no radio and no control over my...
  2. 8.4 UConnect dead?

    Ok so I’ve had the big for a while where my UConnect starts rebooting itself multiple times, but never able to replicate it to take it to the dealer. Finally read on here about pulling the f97 fuse, tried that yesterday for 10 minutes, didn’t help. Tried it for like an hour, didn’t help, and now...
  3. Replacement Rear Quarterpanel

    So due to some trail damage I have to replace my rear quarter panel. I found 2 on Mopars site, one for $250, one for $430 (pictured). I’m guessing the only difference is one is oem Mopar and the other isn’t. Anyone know for sure?
  4. What’s the least anyone has done to carry your spare on top of your RSI smartcap?

    What’s the least anyone has done to carry your spare on top of your RSI smartcap? Just driving from the staging area to the trail and back, no highway driving or anything like that. I feel like I’m ok without a roof rack but I don’t know if just running a ratchet strap under the top of the side...
  5. Doors off/doors on

    Does anyone run their doors on without bolting them back on every time? If you do have you had any long term problems? Background: Had the doors off my JT on Memorial Day, raced a thunderstorm home put, the doors back on (without bolting them back in) and closed them as the storm hit. Next day...
  6. Pricing

    I’m sold on RSI over RLD and the others, but I have a couple questions. Are there prices yet for the smart components and can you order them and install them after your smart cap is installed? Thanks
  7. Sunrider for hardtop question

    So there’s a lot of opinions in other threads, but I figured I’d make it official: Can I run my sunrider for hardtop without the hardtop? If so do I have to keep it closed (like a bikini top) or can I open it? Thanks in advance.
  8. Running light shenanigans, looking for help

    Ok, 2020 JT here. Came with regular halogen head/fog/running lights (but all LEDs in the back, my wife’s JLU has LEDs front and regular in back smh). Replaced the headlights with Oracle headlights, everything was fine. Replaced the DRLs with Oracle LEDs, everything was fine. Relplced the fogs...
  9. Skid plates?

    Is anyone out there making a full set of skid plates for the JT? Mostly all I can find is the front/sway bar skid plates. I asked Quadratec if their set of JL skid plates will fit but they won’t guarantee it. Crawling underneath and looking at their online instructions it looks like some...
  10. Paint the inside of a hard top?

    Probably a silly question but has anyone ever painted the inside of a hard top? Is there any kind of finish that needs sanded off or just prime and paint it? I’ve seen some of the DIY dash painting threads and it’s got me thinking... :idea: