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  1. Steps for tailgate?

    Anyone know of a step system for the tailgate. The kind that fold and don’t take up room?
  2. Long road trips with JT

    I drive with no hands and my jtr tracks just fine. Eyes closed too no seriously I drive with one hand never have any problems. My jlur was comfortable this is better. Better than my vet or viper. Maybe not as good as my Tahoe was. But then I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking my Tahoe places...
  3. Long road trips with JT Try lowering your tire pressure from 37 to 32-33makes a huge difference
  4. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    Hi what is the difference between the two? Besides height. Will the kit use the factory fox shocks? I have a 2020 rubicon and want to possibly run 37s but don’t want a really high lift. I would like to maintain as close to a stock ride as possible. And stock or better reliability. Anything...
  5. Dealer talked me out of JT. (For the time being)

    Identical. I sold my jlur. Bought a jtr. They are identical
  6. Rock Rails Thread

    I would like to know more about the ax fuel system
  7. Mojave Vs Rubicon - help me decide

    I like to explore sometimes I go places where it gets really rocky and rutted I went rubicon because it is the right tool for the job. Often alone I carry the necessary recover equipment and an inreach I don’t want to drive fast. Things break then. And when push comes to shove. 2 lockers...
  8. Towing your gladiator

    So I am thinking of buying a motor home. After spending a week in a hotel due to the creek fire. I am thinking that’s a down payment on a used motor home Tuff finding anything that will take us and 4 dogs! But that means I would have to tow the jtr I have the steel mopar bumper which will...
  9. Lift kit questions.

    I keep looking at 37$. Heaven help me. That means a lift. If I understand this correctly lifting the jt changes all kinds of geometry things so you need more than just the springs and shocks I guess you need and I am fuzzy here trackbar, controls arms, upper and lower ? What else? So the...
  10. 270 degree Awning to the left, or to the right?

    So i was just shopping awning and I noticed a big price difference. At first I couldn’t figure it out then duh looked closer and realized the expensive one only covers the length of the bed. It’s like a 1000 more for the door area. It’s more than twice as much for not twice as much coverage...
  11. 270 degree Awning to the left, or to the right?

    Yeah. It could just fold down from the ceiling Lol. Actually you can get a projector like for watching movies outdoors. I think you can stream it from your phone and use your Bluetooth speaker. With the wall of the awning down We’ll need I say more?lol
  12. snorkle or awning

    I can't decide. Got a gift card which make them both more reasonable had a snorkel on my JLUR it was pretty cool going to do more camping ou tof the JT so ???? what do you all think?
  13. Installed Rebel Off Road Bed Rack

    So I am about to start mounting mine.:rock:
  14. Awning

    I just ordered a GFC rtt and was wondering what you are doing for awnings if any
  15. Wife hates gladiator

    My wife didn’t like my jlur too much but loved the jtr only thing is she says are you going to lift it and put big tires on it. I say only 2 inches to the op is she buying it. Or are you. ?Get what you want. ?
  16. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    I have a couple of pictures on my golden eagle. It was a white golden eagle with the soft top. If you think about it that was way ahead of its time. Interior was cool. Gold wheels those decals and fender flares. Pretty dang cool.
  17. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    Here for me is how it all started. Young 22 years old geologist out of school first job. Kept getting stuck off road. Datsun king cab pickup. Yep back then it was Datsun. Sold it bought a 77 cj7 golden eagle with tan Levi interior. wow. Talk a bout a chick magnet But that’s not the story...
  18. Gladiator vs Tacoma IMO

    I had a 2007tacoma it was ok. But legs straight out. I went to the car show when the jl was released sat in one for old time sakes. In a word it sucked. I don’t know what they do or if it was jus me. But after 10 years in a jkur I couldn’t be live the difference