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  1. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I’m Interested. Smaller is the key I think
  2. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Can you explain this a little further? What kind of load is the roof rack capable of? how long is the lumber you are hauling? Collapsible? Do tell thanks
  3. Colorado Mopar 82215616 Hard Tri-Fold Tonneau Cover $700 OBO

    The reflection off the back window had me all messed up there for a minute
  4. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    Good for you! Post some pics and tell us what the plan is
  5. New York Overland running boards

    Do you come anywhere close to Newbury, Ma in your travels?
  6. Decision time! I’m torn 3 ways...Help!

    I was stuck between Gobi, Sting Gray, and firecracker red. I ended up with Gobi. I felt like you needed a more expensive trim level for the sting Gray to look right than I had in my budget. My sister told me I was too old for a red jeep ( 41). I was leaning Gobi from the beginning and that’s...

    What do you use for wax or coating to get that level of shine?
  8. Wench

    Pretty entertaining way to start the weekend. Thank you all!

    Do I need a Tazer for this do you know? I don’t recall seeing that in the video
  10. Gladiator on order and now not sure

    Pretty special Place- Bailey and Orr’s Island!
  11. What other color do you wish the Gladiator came in?

    Absolutely with beige soft top and beige interior

    This is my first JEEP and I guess I’m not a kid anymore (41) but not exactly a dinosaur either. I feel like the stock headlights don’t produce all that much light. Are these a huge improvement with regard to visibility in your opinion? thanks jeff
  13. What will they tow?

    I traded a 2013 Tundra with Toyota reliability. My hesitation was Jeep’s usual write up in the reliability department and the overall Consumer Reports reviews. I’ve got 2500 miles on mine now and love my Max Tow. I took the roof off on the first day, have taken it on vacation, and spent plenty...
  14. 3 kids, no 3rd row vehicle

    Congratulations is all I can add. I have one rug-rat and a dog. JT is fun for us. keep Us posted if you decide to get a third row vehicle.
  15. MPG and range

    2500 miles and I haven’t reset anything so I assume my mpg average is for that entire time? ( I haven’t even opened the owners manual yet). Mixed driving, broke 22 MPG on the highway today.
  16. Confirmed: SOME 2020 JT's built on 8/14 (2020) and after got the Steel Steering box

    Agreed. I got the exact truck I would’ve ordered just over an hour from me after missing out on two that were bought the day they came off the truck from other dealerships. I went to the dealer where I bought to put a deposit on the truck that was in transit and found out it had been delivered...
  17. Confirmed: SOME 2020 JT's built on 8/14 (2020) and after got the Steel Steering box

    I bought my Gobi with the knowledge that the color was being discontinued and it may have loose steering. I haven’t checked the box yet but I was aware of the TSB prior to purchase and this gave me confidence that I could buy the color I wanted and get the repair, if needed later on. So far...

    Thanks for posting this. Looks super easy. Have you had any issues? It seems like choosing LED bulbs is more complicated than just choosing a replacement bulb. I have a Sport S with Max tow and feel the lights at night leave a lot to be desired. If you have been issue free for 2 months I may...
  19. Long road trips with JT

    My longest trip so far has been 3 hours. I came from a 2013 Tundra and had the same concerns about long trip comfort. Based on the very small sample size I have so far I don’t think it will be an issue on a longer trip at all. In heavy wind it gets blown around a bit but that’s rare. I’ve found...