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  1. Mopar 2” lift and 35’s Ride Quality

    Do you have a link to a Yeti Rear Track Bar?
  2. In a pickle! What to do? Newbie here...

    I'm am 6'4" 315lb man and I love my Gladiator, I traded a 2019 Ram Limited.
  3. Schnebly Hill Trail, AZ, Badge of Honor Trail

    We did go part of the way up and the rocks are really out there (exposed). There were quite a few UTV's screaming up and down the part we were on. You just have to pick your lines and know your clearance. We do plan to go back and do the whole thing.
  4. Recommendations for light bar above the windshield with conventional lights (like Hella or KC)?

    I was recommending just the bar mount so you can use it with your choice of A pillar mounts. If you find mounts that are high enough you have your choice of lights. That particular bar allows for the lights to be mounted on top of the bar like the old style Daylighter KC lights.
  5. Clayton Off Road's NEW Ride Right+ JT Suspension System

    @Clayton Off Road, what Shock recommendations would you make with this Kit. My JT is my DD but my weekend toy. Nothing to hard though.
  6. Schnebly Hill Trail, AZ, Badge of Honor Trail

    I'm looking to possibly do this trail next week and I am seeing post on All Trails that the UTV riders have tore up the road pretty bad. Can anyone that has done this trail recently verify the condition of the road?
  7. Filling up with fuel

    Mine does it about 50% of the time. Depends on the pump I believe, I fill up normally at the same place and have used multiple pumps with various outcomes at each.
  8. Recommendations for light bar above the windshield with conventional lights (like Hella or KC)?

    The one on KC’s website is universal for any 50 in mount set up. Only one I have been able to find myself.
  9. Recommendations for light bar above the windshield with conventional lights (like Hella or KC)?

    Something like these?
  10. Knock off Rubicon metal bumper?

    Wondering if this comes with the necessary brackets for the steel skid plate.
  11. Hardware missing on front of the bed

    I am running in to the same issue, I don't believe you can get to the area from the backside of the bed though. I plan to use M6 Rivnuts to complete the install. My build date was 7/30.
  12. Spoiler Alert.

    They have it attached using two of the accessory bars that mount into the trail rail system.
  13. Spoiler Alert.

    Funny thing I seen this thing in person here in Sierra Vista, AZ. I kick my self for not getting a picture of it then. My wife was like "Don't judge", I was like "HAHAHAHA"
  14. Harbor Freight Badland Apex 12k Synthetic Winch on Sale

    No kidding, wasn't it like $599 for a regular price a few days ago.
  15. Knock off Rubicon metal bumper?

    If “Jeep” or who ever they are this week really wanted to go after people with the same design of bumper they would have shut DV8 down also.
  16. So advanced brake assist locked up on me for no obvious reason.

    I had the same system on my 2019 Ram 1500, I had a similar experience with mine as you did multiple times. I end up turning it to warning only with no brake assistance. When I traded that truck for the JTR I made sure not to have it as an option.
  17. Upper Dash Charging Hub

    @TheHops Thanks for the write up, I took it a step further and drilled a hole in the cubby and installed this from Amazon.
  18. Made my own bed rack!

    @tysongladiator Can you show how you mounted it to the bed. Love the Army attitude of build it yourself.