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  1. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    No I didn’t wire everything. The RSE require power to drop. I know what they look like and how they function. This thread is purely to determine what looks better in general. The RSE step is solid but so is the AMP XL but the AMP have a wide step it’s feels a lot better to step on than the RSE.
  2. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    That is one hideous Jeep. lol Why can't we have both? If RSE pulled theirs in about 1 inch in the front and 2 inches towards the back all the way across they would be perfect...form AND function
  3. anyone have the Amp Research running boards?

    here you go
  4. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    Mine were not too bad, it was 95 here when I put them in and my JT is only 2 weeks old so maybe thats why.
  5. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    After all this I still can't decide...currently waiting for the wife to come home to get her input.
  6. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    Last pic I promise... this is what I mean by ZERO protection... the step fell while I was installing the other end. It only fell 4-6 inches and landed on a big bolt.
  7. Amp Research, Rock Slide, or Aries Offroad?

    RSE and AMP with pics/video
  8. AMP XL vs Rockslide Engineering

    So I couldn’t decide on which automated steps I would get so I decided to buy both try them both on and return one. They both look pretty good it really just depends on what you’re looking for, I would love for someone to design a slim automated step/rock rail that actually provides protection...
  9. California Rubicon Rock Rails

    Pics posted. Just bought my Jeep brand new 2 weeks ago.
  10. California Rubicon Rock Rails

    Here you go
  11. Undisclosed delete

    Posted in the wrong place...
  12. California Rubicon Rock Rails

    They were on for 500 miles I just took them off to put in steps. No scratches, scuff, dings or dents. 200.00 in SoCal SD
  13. California Rubicon Steel Bumper

  14. California Rubicon Steel Bumper

    Mopar steel bumper for sale looks great no dents. 650.00 pic in a few mins. In SoCal SD to be specific
  15. California FS 2 Piece Sunshade Top

    Hello everybody, I have a brand new never installed or used, ShadeIdea 2 piece sunshade top that I took too long to return. I paid 160.00 for it. I’m just looking to get some cash back. Taking offers. I’ll ship anywhere but you pay shipping.
  16. In a pickle! What to do? Newbie here...

    I agree with this 100% very well put.
  17. Amp Research, Rock Slide, or Aries Offroad?

    just mounting. I already have the AMP installed, the step is HUGE lol the motors go in independently they are not in so I can manually push the step up or pull it down. It looks better in my opinion than the RSE. The RSE in person looks like the side of a boat BUT I dropped an AMP step from 6...
  18. Amp Research, Rock Slide, or Aries Offroad?

    I’m returning the one that I don’t like. Lol