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  1. Massachusetts Weather Tech Floor mats, Bed Rack, Console Organizer, Freedom Top Bag

    Traded my Gladiator in for a Ram. I have a bunch of stuff for sale. Everything has less than 5k miles. Prefer not to ship, can meet within a reasonable distance. Everything is posted on FB marketplace pm me and I can send you alink with more pictures. Weathertech Floorliner Front and Rear...
  2. We need to talk about the “Jeep Wave”

    I wave any Jeep that waves at me. I wait for them to wave first, because rather just drive and not wave. But I'm no d!ck and like to be cordial.
  3. Here's my beach vacation Gladiator setup!

    I'll take some close up pictures, but I started with these Inno bed rack that I bought with credit card points and then I had some custom brackets made for 80 bucks so I could close my bed cover. I had Inno square cross bars from my F150 roof rack.
  4. Here's my beach vacation Gladiator setup!

    Pulling the doors off now. The roof is going to stay on unfortunately. Darn rain covers were backordered. Black leather baking in the sun wouldn't be fun.
  5. Here's my beach vacation Gladiator setup!

    Downsizing from an F150 cause me to rethink how I pack the truck. I had to get creative packing all our junk for the week. We looked like the Beverly Hillbillies but we made the 3hr drive with no issues.
  6. Snake + JT = Not Fun

    I would have an easy solution for this problem. I would have pulled over and lit a match, then walked away. :LOL:
  7. Beach cart - Bed Topper - Hitch Mount

    I will let you know. We leave in the weeks. Ha
  8. Beach cart - Bed Topper - Hitch Mount

    Ok, so 2 things I was trying to achieve with this project. 1st was to solve a 10 year issue of lugging crap to the beach with my family. Sick of the cheap beach cart that drags through the sand. 2nd, make a little more storage above the bed for the trip down. So why not Mount to the...
  9. My Gladiator is the most polarizing vehicle I’ve ever owned.

    I'm 6 months into owning my Gladiator. I've yet to really find a naysayer to my face. At most, I get someone saying "I didn't like these when I first saw them, but yours looks great". Could be a lie, but I take it as a compliment. I've owned 17 cars since I've started driving, not one of...
  10. visionx backup lights

    Thanks, it looks great. Look gorward to your pics.
  11. visionx backup lights

    Thank you!. I guess I should have been more specific. Anyone have a picture of them mounted in the bumper with the lights off and the red reflective tape on?
  12. visionx backup lights

    Pics when you have it mounted. I like the idea of the tape.
  13. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Finished my bed rack.
  14. Quadratec catalogue came in the mail today.

    Quadratec has been great to me. I ordered some parts including a backordered Corsa exhaust. They couldn't give me a hard and fast day for it coming out of backorder, but that was due to Corsa. The exhaust shipped after a month and arrived at the start of this pandemic. It weighed heavy on...
  15. Drove a Wrangler today... My Gladiator definitely has much looser steering.

    This helped my steering feel a ton. Weather it's a placebo effect or a true benefit, I'm pleased with the results from the Fox stabilizer. I'm not saying it corrects all the steering wrongs, but it's a noticeable benefit.
  16. Former Ford F150 owner - first 1000 mile update/opinion

    @TheVeeDub's great to know we're simpatico. My view still hasn't changed. I agree higher speeds drop the mpg pretty fast. Overall for pushing a brick on 35s I can't complain. I do wish I could have waited for the diesel. I'm just not that patient. Please update me here on the windnoise...
  17. Heater/AC blowing hot air at 60 or higher

    Count me in with this issue on JT Rubicon. In my past vehicles, I'd set the temp and leave it at that. Only in extreme cold or extreme heat would I need to fluctuate off of my intended temp. When this heater barfs hot air it is hot! Pretty much need to turn the heat down so far that it...
  18. First Time topless!

    I'd say easier/safer with two people, but I did mine all myself. Albeit, I'm a bit of gorilla at 6'2 with long arms.