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  1. Steps for tailgate?

    I can see this getting banged up when going off-road - people already complain about departure angle and this seems to make it worse.
  2. 2021? Jeep gladiator megacab 4x4

    It appears that the payload is limited by engine cooling - at least the tow rating is limited by cooling. To get more cooling the entire front end needs to change, and Jeep is unwilling to change that iconic front look...
  3. What did you do WITH your Gladiator today?

    Not today, but on Friday (10/16 - our anniversary!) we went down to Hollister Hills for the Jeep Adventure Academy - had a ball! Used the Downhill Descent feature and realized what a great feature that is! We are really impressed with the capabilities of this truck, even in completely stock...
  4. So had a bit of a pucker moment today.

    In our group, when we got to that sidehill obstacle, it was mentioned that the spec from the factory is a max of 40 degrees. Of course geometry will have a lot to say about that ( CG, lift, etc.), but the first person through that showed a tilt of 28 degrees - it sure looked like a lot more than...
  5. Off road discussion for newbs

    I'm reminded of a quote that I heard years ago: "Good decisions come from experience - experience comes from bad decisions"
  6. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    Looking forward to our turn, coming up this Friday at Hollister Hills SVRA...
  7. Admit it. Now that you own a JT, JKU's aren't necessary!

    The wife has her 2017 JKU Sport S and I have a 2020 JT Sport S. Neither one spends a lot of time off-road, but we do use the truck more than the JKU. She uses the JKU if she's going out by herself, and when we head to Costco to do some shopping we'll take the JKU simply because it's more...
  8. Hood Decals Questions

    Just an update: after a couple of back-and-forth emails with Don at PixelDecals I ordered a set this morning. The last email said to expect them in about 2 weeks so now I wait! When they come in, and I get them installed I'll post a photo!
  9. Turn off overdrive

    We've had a few vehicles with the "lane change" signal mechanism - but I never felt 3 blinks was ever enough to let others know my intentions; I've always turned the signal full on and left it on until the lane change is complete. By the way: our YJ was an '88 - we sold it in 2000 when my wife...
  10. Turn off overdrive

    I just push the stalk and it will keep flashing until I cancel it - isn't that the way it's supposed to work? :idea:
  11. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Go back a few years: when the YJ was introduced the common complaint was "It's got square headlights - it's not a Jeep! The YJ must stand for Yuppie Jeep"!" Then the TJ was introduced - it's not a Jeep because the roll cage is squared off in the back - the TJ stands for "Toy Jeep"! Seems like...
  12. Hood Decals Questions

    So, I'm thinking about adding some custom text to the side of my hood and it looks like is a popular choice. Those of you who have dealt with them - how is their quality? Are the decals easy to apply, and do they stay applied? I'd hate to have the decal come off the first time I...
  13. Flat Towing

    In order to get the transfer case into Neutral you first have to get into 4HI - does shifting into Neutral disconnect the 4HI AND disconnect the transmission, or just disconnect the transmission?
  14. Blown engine under 12K miles

    I remember, back in the day, pulling in to the local Sunoco station and being able to select the octane rating by twisting a knob on the pump - selecting anything between 87 octane and 110 octane! Back before they removed the lead... My '64 Dodge 330 with the 383 Interceptor engine loved that...
  15. What did you HAUL in your JT today?

    That looks like a pile of gold bricks stacked up against the wall in front of your JT - something that EVERY Jeep owner needs!
  16. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    I sent an email off to the Academy guys and got this response: "The Hollister trip costs more due to local venue pricing. It costs significantly more than the other states we are currently holding our Academy events." So, it appears that Hollister Hills is charging a lot more than other venues.
  17. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    Yeah, that almost made us not sign up - but then we decided that since it falls on our 49th wedding anniversary and we usually can't think of what to buy for each other so we said "what the heck - let's do it!" :like:
  18. Trade In Value - Non-Jeep

    When we bought ours back in May we had a 2001 Ford Escape that we wanted to dump - the dealer said he would take it off our hands but it was basically worth nothing! We sold it to a friend for $200...
  19. Introducing Jeep Adventure Academy! School to Provide Essential Off-Roading Instruction to Jeep 4x4 Owners and Enthusiasts

    The wife and I are signed up for the Hollister Hills one - looking forward to it!
  20. Jeep wave and 4 free oil changes... can you use last 2 year mark?

    Is there something special about the tires that everyone is doing tire rotations regularly? Back many decades ago it was recommended, but sometime around the 1980s or so "conventional wisdom" changed to recommend rotation only if unusual wear was detected. I honestly can't remember when was the...