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  1. Installation Problems with Extang Trifecta 2.0

    The threaded nut was left off the 2021's( and maybe a week of 2020's ) no one knows why.
  2. Will Rock Hard rocker guards work with Teraflex 1.5” leveler?

    No it won't create a gap as the leveling kit is not a body lift.
  3. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I have a base JT. There are no buttons on the fob. I want one as small as possible. I do need the key, if I lock it that is, heck I could put it on keychain.
  4. *POP* Spiiiiiiiiiiiiin HOLY SH!*

    I'm not clear on what happened but I sure wouldn't drive it.
  5. How to remove trim around emergency brake/transfer case shifter?
  6. Gearing????

    The trans shift points are the thing. The speed will be corrected and I bet you gain a little from the shift points. The dealer can do it or you can buy a device that can.
  7. Wench

    This ad reminded me of this one. EDIT: This is touting the new at the time Nissan Pathfinder's front independent suspension.
  8. Gearing????

    Did you have it reflashed for your tire size?
  9. Dead Pedal

    I never knew how much I used a dead pedal until I didn't have one. I honestly can't believe there isn't one.
  10. Dead Pedal

    Do they have one for JT?
  11. Is the Willys model worth it?

    The Willy's in the JK got lower gears(although not as low as Rubi) than the regular model. That ended with the JL. I was hoping the JT Willy's would get lower gears(I mean max tow has the Rubi ones why not the Willy's), when I saw it was same as regular JT's I decided agin it. 2021 Max Tow in...
  12. Rear under seat storage box

    Any thoughts on not having any holes? That would keep it mostly dry if I went through a light rain(I could also put a weatherstripping seal around the top)
  13. Rear under seat storage box

    I like it. I've been thinking of finding a metal box to mount under there for my gun or valuables, as I sometimes go into secured buildings. Any thoughts on cost?
  14. Engine Failure on 2020 Jeep Gladiator

    Do you know the MDH#. It's in driver door on big silver sticker.
  15. Driving home from getting bedliner, BAM!...air rushing noise

    Yes. I guess it could have hit in a worse spot, say the hood, or windshield, but of course it missed the only spot protected, the bed.
  16. Driving home from getting bedliner, BAM!...air rushing noise

    Patch kit will be here next week. Had a chance to look to see how to get to the underside of top in that spot. The header plastic and clasp down clamps can be removed but concerned how hard it will be to put back as it seems the fabric is super tight there. Has anyone attempted that with an...
  17. Driving home from getting bedliner, BAM!...air rushing noise

    Driving home this morning after getting linex done. Doing 45mph and all of a sudden BAM!! and its like someone boxed my ears, and I can hear wind. I was convinced my holstered gun fired. So I find a spot to pull over, no hole in seat, checked gun and unfired round in chamber, not a shell. Looked...
  18. Kenda Klever R/T KR601 35x10.50R17

    Forgive me if I missed it but are you running any kind of lift?