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  1. 2020 Gladiator Demon Sells On Barrett Jackson $185,000

    Nice, but not $200k nice. stuff a Cummins With a pair of hair dryers in one with an Allison and Atlas with D60s and I could be tempted.
  2. LOD Offroad Armor Lite Rear Bumper!!!

    Yeah, I’m interested. Tagscribed
  3. Show me stubby bumpers options with skid plate

    I’m not entirely convinced they made one just to troll the Jeep community into seeing how far the ridiculousness could go, to their surprise it clearly goes further than expected and they sold a few and recouped their investment, can’t blame them for that!
  4. Awful time deciding! 35 vs 37! Help!

    If your sticking with your existing differentials, $1500 ish, but there’s no better time to upgrade to lockers if you don’t already have them so that adds another $2000.
  5. Time to Max Out the Max Tow Axles

    I’m curious about the assertion that JT 44s are as strong as earlier D60s. It’s pretty universally agreed that 37-38” tires are about all is recommended for JT axles. Speaking only from personal experience I ran 42” TSLs on a D60 out of a late 70s F250 with a full Detroit, Powered by a built...
  6. Hummer EV

    Yeah. It’s a beast but a 300 mile range is still a non starter. No matter how kick ass they make these EVs, until the range exceeds 400 miles and recharge takes as long as it takes me to pump 22 gallons of dinosaur juice they are nothing more than a very cool toy.
  7. Gladiator won’t go

    Google auto park feature. Worst nanny feature ever!
  8. Hummer EV

    How much?
  9. Gladiator won’t go

    Click the seatbelt.
  10. Rear bumper recommendations?

    Looks nice. I assume the cut outs are for a hilift? Is it available without sensors?
  11. GATOR Gladiator JT Club

    I agree with ya on the color but not sure about the brodozer hook sticking out your receiver. You’re trolling us, right?
  12. JTR LE Build Up with No Letdown

    Yeah, I get it. Have you had the TSB done? Did this upgrade provide any improvement in the steering or is it a piece of mind thing that itll hold up to more abuse down the road? Any issues with compatability with aftermarket springs, track bars, etc?
  13. JTR LE Build Up with No Letdown

    Hey What, tell me more about the steering upgrade? Does all the new tie rod, drag link, etc all bolt on without any other mods? What about the factory parts didnt you trust or what did these have that you wanted. $800 isnt chump change, what are your thoughts in hindsight about the RPM parts?
  14. JK Sway Bar Links: Is this right? doesnt look right......

    Thanks. Thats an easy fix. Should the nut or the bolt head be on the outside of the tab? As far as the links being rears used up front, I dont know. Is here an easy way to tell fronts from rears? I see his jeep daily so I can check it out tomorrow.
  15. JK Sway Bar Links: Is this right? doesnt look right......

    Pics added. Passenger side top pic and drivers side bottom pic. Sorry for the sideways pics.
  16. JK Sway Bar Links: Is this right? doesnt look right......

    Helping a friend this weekend and noticed this passenger side sway bar link on his 2018 JKU. He's got a budget lift done by who knows who (did it before I could educate him otherwise). The drivers side link is almost completely vertical. The passenger side is angled badly. It looks to me like it...
  17. Show me stubby bumpers options with skid plate

    Which one did you decide to get? I cant keep up.
  18. Change look of stock FM antennae (silver)

    Lol. Sure thing. Enjoy it. Ozzies Boneyard and Classic Rewind for me. ;-)
  19. Change look of stock FM antennae (silver)

    Looks better than silver stock, but I wish there was a way to get rid of the antenna altogher. Who listens to AM/FM radio anymore? Maybe get ride of the antenna and put a Off Road Rated badge on the passenger side to match the drivers?
  20. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    I bought a Gibson holster to keep the key switchblade closed. Its better but it also made the entire thing even bigger. I need the buttons to lock/unlock but I know this gadget could be a hell of a lot smaller. Hell I had an older Daimler / Chrysler vehicle that had all the same buttons on the...