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  1. Clutch Recall (FCA W12 | 20V-124) For Gladiator Manual Transmiss [overheating clutch pressure plate]

    I agree with most of your post, particularly regarding routinely engine braking by downshifting (even though that does, indeed, wear the clutch more.) Having owned and driven manual transmissions for over 45 years, I do have one slightly different opinion. At traffic lights I very rarely shift...
  2. Dumb question...full-time 4WD

    2WD, yes, but they're not buttons (like a Ram.) It looks like a traditional transfer case shifter, (but I believe it uses cables instead of linkages.) You can select either 2H, 4H, 4H Auto (Full Time aka AWD) or 4L
  3. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Also agree. In manual mode, my Ram's 8-speed was good about keeping it from upshifting from my selected gear, but it wouldn't hesitate to drop down a gear against my wishes. I think it did it just to piss me off.
  4. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    So I went to the site and the difference between an Overland and Rubicon base model is only $3000 (cad). Really only $2800 with the different discounts available. Surely any particular optional equipment you add to either model will be similarly priced - i.e. adding an automatic is the...
  5. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    Very slick! I was playing on the Jeep build site the other day and I only saw the painted bumpers on the High Altitude model. What option/package gets that on the Overland?
  6. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    The Jeep site shows me the difference between an Overland and Rubicon is actually $3500.
  7. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Sooooo not true. A solid connection between the engine and wheels works much, much better than an Auto's slippy torque converter. In my Ram I hated how I had to rev it up to get over an obstacle, then it would shoot down the backside bouncing up and down. Smashed my rocker panel early on...
  8. Made a bonehead move...worse than cheating on my wife...

    Me three. After failing to convince my teenage son to take my '14 Ram off my hands (only 45k miles,) I reluctantly sold it to my brother for its trade-in value. I really liked the Ram but longed to go back to a stick. The Ram was the first (and probably last) vehicle I've purchased for myself...
  9. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2020 Sales Results

    At the end of Q3 last year, the Gladiator had only been orderable for 2 quarters and had only been physically on dealer lots (in small numbers) for what, one quarter?, so it's really only a comparison of 1 quarter in 2019 vs 3 quarters in 2020. In that light, it's really not an increase at all.
  10. Texas Tan Cloth Factory Seats

    I inquired about these earlier on. I would have opted for tan cloth on my Rubicon, but tan was only offered in leather. After the fact I found out that the Sport (& Overland?) had the option for tan cloth. I thought about buying these seat covers, but the OP pointed out that I would lose the...
  11. Edmonds best midsize truck ranking

    I've said pretty much the same thing several times before on this forum. I always wanted a Jeep but needed a truck, and so far this fits the bill. That I could get it with a stick was icing on the cake. And I totally agree that its function over form gives it the cool factor.
  12. Edmonds best midsize truck ranking

    It's kind of ridiculous to compare the Ridgeline as it's barely even a truck. However, IMO if you bought a Gladiator for its beauty, you need to find a new optometrist.
  13. Jeep Gladiator Q3 2020 Sales Results

    I think that's pretty impressive considering practically zero legacy truck buyers. However, I wonder how these Gladiator sales have impacted Wrangler and other Jeep model sales.
  14. Buying a gladiator in two weeks, still cant decide on the trim package ... Thoughts?

    Thanks man, you made me feel like I got the deal of a lifetime (although many have negotiated much better deals than I) My well equipped Rubi was "only" $47k (+TT&L.) But I agree with you that the OP shouldn't over-buy what he needs. Sounds like he won't use E-lockers or sway bar disconnect...
  15. Most popular JT colors?

    Obviously NOT opinion considering I and you (thanks) both backed it up with reputable references. And sorry if my post offended you. Bumfuck seems like a nice place. Never heard of Phukoria, AZ, but maybe it's nice, as well...
  16. Most popular JT colors?

    Referring to all vehicles, this agrees with what I've seen: White, Black, Silver...
  17. Most popular JT colors?

    No way is red in the top three. Maybe in Bumfuck, Iowa.
  18. Most popular JT colors?

    I've only seen like 3 or 4 total off the lot in Tucson. White, granite, silver and maybe a red? Looked long and hard at a Punkin at the dealer. I really, really liked it, but is just a bit too snazzy for me, as is the hydro.
  19. Rubicon will not shut down will not go into park

    This could be a record, and that's a high bar (low, really) to clear on this forum.
  20. Is it weird or a compliment if someone made the exact same Gladiator as me?

    If that's all it takes, he done you a favor.