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  1. Texas (Houston) For Sale: OEM Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

    I’d prolly do 550 shipped to ABQ.
  2. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    yes a few do. This is what I’m looking at now just hate the diamond plate but does have lights.
  3. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    Obviously, but if you want better protection you need the qtr panel protected. Which you can’t do with the HD bumper. So defeats the purpose of this bumper.
  4. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    yes if you don’t need real protection for off-roading it’s great which kind defeats the purpose of getting a new rear bumper in the first place. But that’s besides the point...
  5. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    I don’t think those will work either because there’s no place on the HD bumper to connect the sliders too. If you can find sliders that don’t connect to the bumper you should be fine.
  6. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    yup, I completely agree it’s probably my favorite rear I’ve seen. Not sure what there thinking.
  7. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    After seeing this bumper at Sema I was excited to get my hands on one. The price was right and looked great with the rear qtr panel sliders. Thankfully, the bumper was released this month. Though, from the Pictures I couldn’t tell if it worked with the qtr panel sliders. I talked to some people...
  8. Dealer Damaged Body Bolts

    I think your fine. It would be impossible for the frame to be damaged. Worse case scenario me of the bolts is destroyed. Not a huge deal but they should make it right.
  9. New Mexico

  10. Metalcloak lift

    Just installed my gamechanger this weekend. Took us two days. For those that installed the front lower shock brackets what did you do with the brake line bracket. They say your supposed to drill and put in there bolt but then the brake line bracket would also have to be cut since there’s a bolt...
  11. New Mexico

    I got MetalCloak Gamechanger installed.
  12. Occulus BI-LED Lights buy or not

    If you don’t I’ll buy them if you get me the info. That’s a good deal.
  13. Re-engineering the brick (keyfob)

    Have AJT also. It’s better but still flawed. Looking forward to seeing what you do.
  14. New Mexico

    If anyone is interested in a Rubicon suspension set up with Terraflex spacers??
  15. Best rooftop tent for JT?

    This looks great! It looks similar to other manufacturers though. Wish I could see one on a Gladiator.
  16. Black Friday 2020 at ACE Engineering is Live!

    I had all your stuff and loved it on my JK. But with only limited items offered for the JT I had to go elsewhere. Hopefully, you guys can get the missing items up soon.
  17. New Mexico

    I got some sliders thanks though!
  18. Metalcloak lift

    Sorry small vent session. I’m a little disappointed with MetalCloak which isn’t entirely their fault. So two weeks ago I ordered the Dual Rate lift and the front lower control arms which came out to around 1900. Got a little military discount which I really appreciate that they offer. Started to...
  19. In a pickle! What do I do?? Need some advice...

    Never heard of rattles before. It’s a tuff call for sure but if you like exploring and off-roading then the Gladiator is a no brainer. But if you need towing or comfort then sure Ram it is.