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  1. jack stands with RTT?

    I do have 4 of them. I am a belt and suspenders kind of guy. I do like those go-treads though. Would fit nice in the wife's Outback.
  2. jack stands with RTT?

    hmmmm..... I already have ARB traction boards. Can't really stack them but can use with rocks etc.
  3. jack stands with RTT?

    When setting up with for a night of camping with a RTT, do you just sit on the suspension or do you add jack stands under the frame for a more solid night's sleep? (Torro SkyLux should be here today!) I am thinking either some blocks of wood or a set of aluminum stands that might be useful for...
  4. Pennsylvania MuffPot for underhood cooking

    Since only a couple of recipes came up, I am adding a copy of Manifold Destiny to the MuffPot. That way you are not stuck eating only franks and beans out of your Pot.
  5. Delaware SOLD TrailHead Deflators Tire Deflators 4pack kit

    I'm interested. Just out of curiosity, what do you have them set at now?
  6. Colorado Tailgate Plug Grommet

    Will take one. Much better than the duct tape I was going to use.
  7. School me on suspension angles

    Checking you toe only checks your tie-rod. Your track bar keeps the diff centered. I would guess that it is your drag link that is now too short. As the diff gets further away from the frame/steering box etc. your drag link will need to be longer to reach the spindle. You have a 3.5 inch...
  8. Control arm bracket protection

    The problem I had with making them is that the frame and mounts are not symmetrical inner vs outer. I would have had way more time into them than it was worth. Besides, the Rusty's are nice.
  9. Lets talk about bed covers

    It appears that everyone is installing their covers over the bedrail protectors?
  10. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    Can we stop bashing Dan? He started this thread to tell us how his truck handled his trailer with his set-up. I think that he has valid information in that regard.
  11. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    Okay, being technologically challenged, where did you find this VIN specific information? I am on the Mopar website, signed in to my garage and under owners manual, it says that my towing and payload information is not available. (I am on a pc not an app.)
  12. Lets talk about bed covers

    Any pictures on fit etc.? Looks like it has cross bars as part of the cover that roll up with it? Velcro on the sides? Thanks!
  13. Bed rack that works with Tonneau cover

    I heard from the guys at Dissent, and they are really close. If their laser cutting machine gets set up next week as planned, then these racks will soon be on their way! Let them know if you are interested.
  14. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    I always thought that the WDH with chains helped with sway. That being said, the PROPER bars make all the difference. There are several different load ratings and many people do not have them tight enough, we use an 18" schedule 120 pipe for camming them over. I have used the standard Reese...
  15. Family build but my son might be too young...

    I am also interested to see if you ever made out with that rack idea. I would love a cage more than a rack. Unless you incorporate it with a bed rack for my RTT. p.s. I am right down the road from you.
  16. Badge of Honor Trails

    Who can tell me about Crawl Daddy? Is it doable in a stock Rubicon if you pick good lines? I had a guy in a JL with 37's tell me he struggled with a good spotter.
  17. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    A lot of published towing capacity has to do with torque ratings available at the drive wheels and braking capacity of the vehicle. Personally, I like a heavier longer wheel based vehicle for towing so that you don't get pushed around. That is why you see long nosed Pete's and Western's being...
  18. Round trip to mountains with 6850 lb travel trailer (max tow, 2” spacer lift/34s)

    Daniel, Thanks for the real world experience. You have given enough details about your set up for people to make some comparisons with their own set ups. What don't you like about chain WDH's? I have never run the solid ones like you have, those are new to me. (And I have run a lot...
  19. Pennsylvania MuffPot for underhood cooking

    If you use small oven bags, you can pre-pack some meals and keep them in your cooler then just pot it in the pot when you are ready to cook. I helps with clean up too.
  20. Pennsylvania MuffPot for underhood cooking

    I am giving away a free MuffPot to the person that replies with the best recipe for underhood/exhaust cooking. These are single serving underhood cooking devices. You simply strap the mounting plate to your exhaust or wherever you find sufficient heat, then clip the 'pot' to it full of food. I...