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  1. Your truck is Ugly!?

    Indeed a typo, I had an '86.....The decades are running together.
  2. Your truck is Ugly!?

    That's funny!!! I met my wife in college, when I had zero money and a '86 Jeep Comanche!
  3. Blown engine under 12K miles

    It's the hole where the piston escaped...;)
  4. Best jack for trail running

    I have the soft bag. I have not tried it under the seat, but I suspect it would not fit in the OEM lockable underseat storage bin. without the bin it may fit.
  5. Best jack for trail running Count me as a proponent of the safe jack. There are some things that a hi-lift will do that this won't, but for portability and safety, this has been my go-to. For trailer towing, I think it's a must.
  6. 2021 vs 2020

    Pulled this picture from the website from the 2021 gallery.
  7. My Gladiator still rides like buckin' bronco!

    I know you must be frustrated with the current state of your Jeep. Ride quality and steering shouldn't be bad and aren't a "Jeep Thing" you should endure. I would research a very reputable off-road shop in your area that will be willing to address the issues you are having. - Did you have the...
  8. Bestop Rebate Looks Like A Nightmare To Get My Refund

    My experience with Bestop has been positive. I bought a twill sunrider during a rebate period and had some difficulties with the company that administers the rebates. An email to Bestop customer service solved the issue: although not timely, I did receive a check. The Sunrider is the single...
  9. Damn...Cited for no doors and wide tires.

    That's a total bummer the police don't have better things to worry with. This topic got me wondering about door rules. A quick Google search came up with this site (I have no idea how up to date or accurate it may be):
  10. Snake + JT = Not Fun

    You and I should get our jeeps together, I had a mouse living in mine for a bit.
  11. Dealer Scams

    These dealerships work hard at maintaining their slimy reputations. I despise the games they play and wish their practices would cease. I looked for many months for a build configuration that I wanted (I didn't even want to spend the time to order one). Once I found one that worked, it had a...
  12. ARB Bondi Deluxe Bumper Install

    I have this bumper and there is no interference between the hoop and the headlights.
  13. Leaving Door Bolts Off?

    I hadn't thought of not attaching the "door stopper plunger". Did you remove it somehow, or just push it all the way in? No problems with it this way? With that not in play, it makes the door removal tool-less and much quicker. Very interested. For the sake of the thread - I took my door bolts...
  14. LMAO Jealous people

    Sorry to participate in the de-rail of this thread. I am of the opinion that the Gladiator is a "real" Jeep. I'm the definitive authority, as I grew up on CJ's :rock::CWL::rock: I thought the MKI had a 289 and the MKII is when they went to the 427?? Also, you wouldn't refer to an L88 when...
  15. LMAO Jealous people

    I'm no GT40 expert, but I don't remember a single one having a "5.0L N/A V8", nor the Ford GT. Still unsure how manhood is affected by cylinder count, but the 660 Horsepower output of the 3.5L HO 6 Cylinder in the current GT is impressive.
  16. Spare Tire Delete

    I bought one additional OEM wheel and installed 5 skinny 35's (35x11.50). I do 5 tire rotations and the spare fit's in the under bed location with no issue. I've had too many tire related issues in remote locations that a plug and air compressor would not solve, so I always carry a spare.
  17. Three piece hard top question

    - Yeah, The Toyota Tacoma is equipped with the technologically advanced drum brakes that were invented 120 years ago.
  18. Tool box?

    I don't have a crossbed, but did remove the front trail rail to keep the box as far back as possible. One big thing to note if you decide to remove the rail - Jeep inexplicably used an incredibly strong double sided tape in addition to the mounting hardware to secure the trail rail. I had to...
  19. Show me your front bumpers!!

    Here's a few more.