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  1. Regearing for towing (sometimes) and driving in Colorado: 4.88 vs 5.13 can you share experience?

    I'm very pleased with them and super glad I didn't go with 4.88. FAR less shifting/hunting than before (even compared to 4.10 on 33" tires). Just took a trip to Durango and back and even though I think we had a hefty head wind both ways, we still easily saw a 1-2 mpg uptick from before (4.10...
  2. Colorado - Tires and Gearing

    I'm on 37's and 5:13 gears. I would definitely NOT do 4.88s. I honestly think 5:38s would be fine on 37s if you don't plan on driving 80mph all the time (even then you'd be fine). If limited to 35" tires, then probably 4.88s but honestly 5:13 would be OK too if you plan on towing. If you...
  3. Post up your Jeep life!

    I've not done either! Been wanting to do Red Cone and Tin Cup and a few other named areas too.
  4. Colorado Springs - Hopping Weekend for Gladiators!

    Only about 50/50 but was thinking of doing some light wheeling up Gold Camp on top on Saturday. If we don't do that I'd be down for a meet and greet early Saturday as well.
  5. Anyone running Clayton 2.5" or 3.5" Overland Plus with Aftermarket Front Differential Covers?

    Thanks for the share! I did end up getting a metal cloak front diff/skid setup but haven’t installed it yet. My Clayton kit is running late on delivery but should have it all installed in 2-3 weeks now. Cheers!
  6. Colorado or Front Range Gladiator owners

    Winters are ez in Denver compared to where I grew up in ND and MT. Get the block heater option if you think you’ll be staying overnight at high elevations in the winter. But for Denver only you probably wont need it.
  7. Regearing for towing (sometimes) and driving in Colorado: 4.88 vs 5.13 can you share experience?

    Sorry for the delayed response! Still waiting for my lift to arrive but I did get my regear done. Overall very pleased with the 5.13 gears. It has surprised me in that on a flat it is holding 8th gear at 45MPG, lol! I haven't taken it on any long trips yet but the throttle response is much...
  8. Affordable Lift For Constant Heavy Load Overland Rigs?

    Great looking setup! Have you talked to @Clayton Off Road about this? I believe they have some stiffer rear springs than most others and give pretty true lift heights from what I've read. This thread may also help...
  9. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Yes. They are at the mercy of Jeep releasing the parts as there just isn’t enough nation wide to get everyone fixed. I recommend following up weekly and I am only guessing but you should have the kit in the next month. This isn’t a Faricy issue but just part availability as far as timing.
  10. Any Issues with Tazer Mini/Lite after Steering Box Replacemet - TSB 08-074-20

    Mines pretty close with 37" Patagonias and 5.13 gears. Tazer gear ratio at 5.13 and tire size 36.69. Grim Jeeper gear calcutor I have to put 35.5" to get accurate speed/tach settings. Id just adjust the taser up or down and verify it against a GPS app until accurate.
  11. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    Yeah I think they did pretty good. I verified the correct part number on the gear box and everything looked good externally. They did do an alignment because I mentioned I thought I might help us verify the fix solved the issue and so they did it and I got the report. They also accidentally...
  12. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    So to give a quick update: I'm on 37" tires, teraflex spacer kit and my front axle is trussed and gusseted. I got them to verify the problem during last oil change and ordered the kit then. Took until this week before the parts were in and they could get the truck in for the TSB. Got it back...
  13. Just for anyone wondering about 37’s towing

    good post! gonna do a bunch of towing next summer when we get our op4 trailer. About 4000 gross weight but much smaller profile. Got the 5.13s installed last week in anticipation. Can’t wait to hit the road next summer!
  14. Colorado Springs - Hopping Weekend for Gladiators!

    THX! The topper does not have rails. There is some structure to the sheet metal in the roof for rigidity to have rails mounted internally or more commonly on top. There are 3 holes in each of the two structural ribs where you can bolt on rails. I'm more inclined to add internal rails to hang...
  15. 4:10 rings for $200 with 12K on them - for 35" or 37" eventually?

    Hope the discussion serves you at some point down the road! Maybe we can get together one of these days as well. Cheers!
  16. New JT Gladiator Steering Issue TSB 08-074-20 (for "Improved Steering Feel")

    I got my TSB approved the day after this post came out and they just today were able to get the parts and my truck in the shop. Can’t wait to get it back tomorrow! Would have been done today but they ordered the wrong part for a cracked instrument bezel also fixed under warranty. Faricy Boys...
  17. TSB steering issue fixed!

    Mines in the shop now—can’t wait to get it back tomorrow. Rolling with 37” tires and 1.5” spacers up front and got it approved for TSB warranty. Mopar lift should not be a reason to be denied this fix!
  18. 4:10 rings for $200 with 12K on them - for 35" or 37" eventually?

    Yeah maybe I should have addressed that but I’ve been led to believe it is a non-issue for the D44 for the JL and JT for the majority of applications. It seems to be a concern many bring up but at the same time I have never heard of anyone actually having a 5.13+ gear failure. Yes they are...
  19. Colorado Springs - Hopping Weekend for Gladiators!

    I felt the same way. One day I decided it was time to get a truck last fall. Test drove the Tacoma then the Gladiator and it was game over! The topper is the RLD Designs Cap. If you want to get a quote for one, call Lee at Altitude Industries at 720-399-6274. He was ez to work with and did a...
  20. 4:10 rings for $200 with 12K on them - for 35" or 37" eventually?

    100% agree! I have not heard a single person say they wish they would have geared taller (lower gear ratio) after getting theirs done so I speculate most people are overly cautious about going to the bigger numbers. Frankly after just a little driving on my 5.13s (on 37s) I could have gone to...