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  1. Metal Cloak vs. Clayton

    I have the Fox 2.0's with my Clayton Overland 2.5 lift. Bought directly from Clayton. The Rubicon shocks would work with extensions, but ultimately they aren't log enough to get the full benefit. And going from the Rubicon shocks to the 2.0's I much prefer the 2.0's. Also keep in mind that the...
  2. Recommended sway bar disconnects?

    Sway bar disconnects will not in any way improve your ride quality. You can literally just carry a wrench & socket to do the same thing.
  3. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    Just about anyone on 37’s is lifted, and most quality complete lift kits replace the rear track bar. So while most gladiators may have a stock rear track bar, as it pertains to this thread I think more people probably have an aftermarket one.
  4. Air bladder for a leveler?

    I wanna say it was air lift 1000 was the model used for the stock rear springs. for what you wanna do though you may want longer ones. Could run the schrader valves to being under the gas flap too. You may wanna just contact air ride & ask if they can help. They may possibly have a solution for...
  5. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    Plugged it in to the truck. Turned on the truck.. Went to bluetooth devices on my phone & searched for it. If I remember right the app was just to do updates or something like that.
  6. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    I remember having to download an app, but I dont think I had to use it.
  7. Air bladder for a leveler?

    You could use the air ride bladders meant for towing & probably do this for at least the rear 2 wheels. That should be enough to level side to side, but front to back would be a bust if the front was lower then the back from being parked on uneven terrain.
  8. Mopar Simulated Beadlock (77072466AB), 35s, no lift

    I love that look. If I wasnt impatient I would have my rings powdercoated too.. but I have the AEV Borah's which I believe are basically the same specs as these in a similar appearance. Just a couple more finish options.
  9. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    Nope. The Diameter would be the same(ish).. The 12.50 means its narrower & wouldn't hang as far down.
  10. 37” spare tire - list of tires that fit under the bed

    the wheels used make some difference. Aftermarket track bars & how much overhang of material on the back of the hitch all come into play as well when were talking about that small of a difference. Also how much effort an individual makes to get it in there also.
  11. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    Weird.. I am on the 7" and an iPhone 11 (and will be 12 Mini once they are available next month). Of note I normally keep my phone in my front right pocket so there is only about a foot between the phone & receiver when I am in the JT.
  12. Protecting Your Rear - Sheridan hitch mounted skid from Warfab

    I find these things to be a waste of money... But if I was going to get one that WarFab one would be the one since it does double duty.. From experience I scrape the bed corners a hell of a lot more then my hitch. Thats what led to the demise of my original plastic bumper.
  13. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    Interesting.. Which head unit & what phone are you using?
  14. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    I saw that console & I like it, but I dont feel like the console's in these trucks are big enough for me not to be resting my elbow on the screen.
  15. CPLAY2air Wireless Adapter

    Yeah it has been working flawlessly. I havent had to mess with anything at all. Conencts every time if my phone is in the truck when the truck is started. If my phone isnt then I just tap the button on the screen that tells it to connect. The ONLY complaint at all I have had recently is that...
  16. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    I think most do or post what’s needed. I’ve not actually seen one that didn’t made for the jt.
  17. Rugged Ridge HD Rear Bumper - Sliders Don't Fit

    This bumper is a HUGE let down... I contacted RR about it long while back & everything sounded good then they let me down.
  18. Max speed in 4WD?

    no. The low range is lower in the Rubicon.
  19. What did you do TO your Gladiator today?

    Dropped it off at the shop. When I see it again it’ll have 5.13’s and arb lockers.
  20. Show me stubby bumpers options with skid plate

    I am fairly certain that FF just likes money. So if they can sell the ugly ass grumper & have it plastered all over florida & they make money then they keep doing it.. They were like "angry grill girls can hold my beer, watch this"